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In one country called Nigeria with the following challenges, may 29 democracy day public holidays, may 30 Biafra sit at home in remembrance of the falling Heroes in the civil war public holidays, June 12, some south west state remembrance day for MKO, Abiola. Now my confession is this, Nigeria is the only country in the whole world that got her independent on October 1 n have also fixed October 1 for dissolution of the country, what this means to me is that we have two things in this country, which are; North and South, Positive and. Negative, Good and bad, the very rich and the poor masses, the only two languages, the have and the have not just like October 1 beginning of Nigeria and October 1 Ending of same Nigeria by insen AREWA. What is the meaning of AREWA┬┐ it means (All Region Entertain With Arrogant).


~ 1 year ago christianity said:
By agbara

~ 1 year ago kison said:
What is ur confession self????
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~ 1 year ago gogoman said:
you try my son

~ 1 year ago SOGaiya said:
someone have lost it
dis forum is for confession not political jingoism
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~ 1 year ago quest3 said:
see another confused fellow........... For confusing me with your English, I just dey look you first....
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~ 1 year ago apprehended said:
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