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The man i love shattered my life, infact he has destroyed me emotionally and physically, bcos i don't think i will ever love any man again, i tried and almost cut my head for dis relationship to work out but no way, i put more effort even much more than him, I'm de one dat is losing here, his words are really hurting me, he keep saying all sort of nonsense tins to be, dat he has been telling me to move on, dat I'm de one dat keep faising myself on him, can u imagine? and nothing like dat, falsing? How? after 3yrs, when a man is tired of a woman dey start using bad words, I'm dying here my people, it's just like i don't want o live anymore, I'm hurt here bcos i know its better for me to move on but how can i do that? I don't even have anything now to keep my mind busy or something, it's hurting me badly and i don't know where to start from by taking him of my mind gradually, what can i do, my body is on fire over here


~ 9 months ago apprehended said:
Wht da heck
I suggest u start over, or jus go and get a real life. Fake news!

~ 9 months ago christianity said:
u were not born the same days with him.even twins that comes from same placenta do fight and saperates,talklessof someone that comes from a different womb from another parents.i know how it hurts cos i have come across such,but i did not give up,instead it gnegered me toward strugling harder and becoming betterthan what i was my dear,u can do it.just put that behind u and focus in something new.goodluck.

~ 9 months ago MOnkey said:
HaPpY workers moon night
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~ 9 months ago ANGELSMAT said:
adhere to the advice of Christianity

~ 9 months ago guardiandevil said:
Move on
Whilst u are in a predicament... The man dey enjoy. Thank God for all disappointment in life is a blessing in disguise. So stop upsetting ya spirit, dust ya shoulders and pick ya self up... Start a fresh God willing ull be fine.

~ 9 months ago gogoman said:
welcome to the real world!! you need to move on and get someone else

~ 9 months ago Innobee99 said:
What u get
Wen it's the lady that marries the man and not the man marrying the lady.... Incase of next time always respect urself, dnt make relationship a do or die affair. Am sure, even when he goes wrong, u will be the one to beg cuz u need him at all cost. Am sorry, that's the end result for such attitude

~ 9 months ago anoited1 said:
My sis, i ve question 4 u, re a born again christian? if not, u need jesus in ur life. i recomend dis film u war room,
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~ 9 months ago anoited1 said:
That film watch it carefully and prayerfully, ur husband is not ur enemy, it is devil. fight him prayerfully.
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~ 8 months ago wallexey said:
hang out
Don' t stay alone you have friends OK hang out with them visit programs. I was once in your shoes but I made sure I found out many reasons why I should not continue with the girl also find reasons why he is not for you and hope for the better. Yeah past is hard to forget but you can fight it, trust me go to cinemas make sure you look for jokes to read which movies. Look for a best friend. I wish I can help more than this.
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