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I met this nice looking girl in a club and she invited me to her home. When I asked for the address she would not text it instead told me to just come and she would give me directions on the phone.

I think this is weird but can’t put a finger on it. I will not go though. What do you think about her behavior?


~ 2 weeks ago saintony said:
which country are writing from ??
If you are in Nigeria you should know that some area' s in Nigeria don' t even have address .

~ 2 weeks ago Ufuoma_ said:
Are you scared she might be a ghost?
Come on, be a man! just go. You want to see pretty girl right? Anyway, she probably live in one of those dingy neighbourhood she' s not proud off and she feels somehow texting you the address knowing that you probably might not come. So, it left for you to decide if you want to follow her way of directing you to where she lives.

~ 2 weeks ago apprehended said:
Go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go ... hahahahhahaha

~ 2 weeks ago gogoman said:
wetin u mean say you need address... na Europe u dey

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