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Hi am based in lagos. I have this little pimple-like stuff on my chest n little on my arms looks like pimples anyone with useful information on how i can get it eradicated. Thanks


~ 1 month ago EDDYPRINCE said:
This is a confession forum and not for medical advice.... See a doctor for a better advice.
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~ 1 month ago apprehended said:
Man or Woman
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~ 1 month ago gogoman said:
lol so you want a quack doctor to medicate you abi
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~ 1 month ago Azeehz said:
medical advice
yea good idea take erythromycin tab,piriton tab, skineal cream

~ 4 weeks ago trulyval said:
It's Called Acne
Use- Sebamed(Clear face Soap) Dixoxycline Tablet Clindamycin Cream Benzoyl Peroxide Retin.A Salicylic Acid I use them myself. Google it. U can see a dermatologist as well.
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~ 3 weeks ago EDDYPRINCE said:
Talk to your doctor. Thanks
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~ 2 weeks ago K01abinibi said:
Take a lotta fruits, ur blood aint pure
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~ 1 week ago Naijacontacts247 said:
My Advice
i will advice you to see your doctor and not on Naijapals, meet him at the hospital.....or contact him through Naijacontacts. just go to and sign up. Also Read: “Ladies who eat a lot of yam have high tendency to bear Twins” – Nigerian Doctor by following this link https://naijacontacts .com/topics/view/846/ ladies-who-eat-a-lot- of-yam-have-high-tend ency-to-bear-twins-ni gerian thank you.
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~ 3 days ago smusher said:
Inbox me....i have a natural treatment
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