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I’m married with three children and another one on the way, but I can’t stop thinking about my husband’s brother who is an ex from long ago.

One night, a few years back, he came around, while my husband was out. We got talking and he admitted that he still had feelings for me. We ended up in bed.
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The girl I love most in the world has just broken my heart not by being unfaithful, but because I have just discovered she is a thief. We have been together for 18 months.

The last time I was in her room, I curiously looked through some of her drawers because I’d been baffled by series of missing items in my place. I was really sad when I found a gold chain my mother gave me, a gold ring I bought the last time I travelled and a couple of expensive cuff-links in her drawers.
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I'm 27yrs old girl, I'm not happy not always happy no matter how i tired, always alone, no friends, i don't visit anybody, nobody visits me, i leave in italy and planning of relocating to germany if their will be changes in my life, i need changes bcos if i continue living like dis i might commit suicide, I'm always indoor even when i go out no where to go, always ruming around, no occupation, no activities, no fun nothing, or is it bcos there is no one to keep me company or what? I'm always alone and I'm going crazy, i don't just know how to begin to be happy or to discovered de tins dat will make me happy, I'm so confused, my life is meaningless and its just like i have no purpose in life, i really don't know how to explain to make u guys understand me, dis is 2018 again, crying
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My boyfriend is an international student currently studying at the university that I graduated from. My bf wants to get marry 2019.which I have agree too only one condition he must sign a paper indicating that if he divorce me after he must pay be $1500 for 10yr. My reason for doing so was because when we had an issue he started asking another girl out inviting her for dinner and all. He promise me he would never do it again. So the issue now is he said he would not leave me promising all type of shit . I told him I have to watch out for my own self because I don' t know after 5 yrs from now. Is it a good business deal we are both in the USA. I came across a message btw him and his friend that I will give him papers.
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Good Friends,i really needs your help/advice on this story I want to share with you. Please careful read my true story and tell me what to do. Please add some respects in your comments and no insult. I am based abroad for 6years already,i have a white girlfriend,we have been together for 3years and we have a lovely 2years old baby girl together. Things was not really OK before I meet her,I have been up and down but I managed to get some money to build house back home which I have not been able to furnished. Everything that I'm managing now I got all before I meet her. Life was not easy and things was not moving fine.
But after I meet her everything becomes worst than before. I have no job at hand and it's not easy to get a job. The only business you can do is a deadly sin,if you are caught you will suffer forever and I am scared to do those business. My girlfriend has nothing and she depends on me. I take care of her right from her pregnancy till today and in everything. I even called back home to lend me money from my savings to take care of the family. I can't let her go because if I do I will loose my baby also. This baby is only thing that I'm proud of now and because of her I'm suffering like this. My girlfriend is respectful and we love each other. Her family is good,they are farmers and we always have food to eat. We manage life.
I am feeling pain because I have no work, money is not coming and it's not easy to work. I am worried about my family back home because I have not seen them for so many years.i am just like living dead and I'm worried about so many things. If anything happens to me,i will loose my baby and I don't know how I can get her back because Visa and passport for this country is not easy and I don't have the money now. Everyday I feel like crying because there's no help. I am the Finger that feeds my families both back home and here, they all depends on me. My girlfriend work salary is too small,she only use them to support her family and her needs. I am living with the little money I saved before. I am not saying that she is the causes of anything but our relationship is really bitter. If good money comes to me,i will marry her immediately. But things are not working as expected.
I have many things to add but to cut my story short. I will need a good advice from you. Don't scroll without comments because your help/advice can save me from this miserable life. Thanks.
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