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I'm dying, i was the girl that wrote here before about my predicament, all my body will be hoting me as if i used pepper to rub all over my body, a friend of mine toke me to see her doctor and de doctor told me its nervous system( stress) dat it has no remedy she didnot even check me or anything she said she knows what its dat there is no remedy, she only showed me a spray dat i will buy so dat anytime I'm feeling de hotness dat i will use de spray to spray my body and now since 3days i have been restless, de spray is not working, i always take my bath every 1hour bcos de hotness can't make me sleep or do anything, whenever de hotness begins i will be losing weight, losing strength and I'm even depressed bcos of dis, de hotness do come once in a while, since de last time i experienced it was 4months ago and it stop and starts again, always like dat and bcos of dis life has been meaningless and I'm so confused expecially now dat de doctor said dat there is no remendy i dont see any reasons to live again bcos its like I'm dead amonge de living, what can i do to cure dis oh lord, pls help just incase u guys have any solution for me, plz guy plz i need help, native medication or anything plz bcos I'm too young for all dis, am just 25
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I HAD a one-night stand with my cousin at my farewell party before going to work abroad, now she tells me she is pregnant and keeping the baby. I am 26. I got the chance to spend two years abroad with the engineering company I work for and I really enjoy living and working in Dubai.’
Every three months I come home to the UK for a week and this was my first time back. I had a great time.
On the last night my family threw a party.
We all had a lot to drink and the party went on until the early hours. Some of my mates crashed out in the lounge and some in the spare bedroom.
My cousin was staying over and I had given her my room but I decided to get some kip on my bed too (it’s a double) as I wanted a good night’s sleep before my flight the next day.
She went to the bathroom to undress and came back completely naked and climbed in next to me. I felt really awkward but she soon changed the mood and started asking me if I was OK.
She said she was going to miss me very much, then leaned over and kissed me on the lips. One thing led to another and we had sex. It was good even though we were both drunk.
I left early in the morning before she woke up because I felt awkward about what happened. I did think about her in the following days but now I have received this email I am totally shocked.
She says she has just done a pregnancy test and it is positive and she is happy about it. She is only 19, doesn’t have a proper job yet and still lives at home.
How on earth I am going to explain this to family and friends?
I feel like such an idiot.
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I cannot get over my ex.
I met him when I was 19 n he was 30, On my 20th birthday, he asked if I could marry him if he had a ring, without thinking, I told him he was too old n that my parents will kill me if I think about marriage. He started dating someone else, when I found out I cried my eyes out and broke up with him. He was my first and I was hurt. He got married before my 22nd birthday, I started dating another guy, until we met again at a conference and we kind of picked up from where we stopped, and we continued after the conference. After each time we are together I feel bad, many times I cry coz I know it is wrong, I told him and we stopped doing it, unfortunately I lost my boyfriend along the way and more importantly I lost God's presence in my life. I am financially ok, I habe a good job bt I am not happy
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I can't seem to get over my ex boyfriend. We dated for not even up to a year. Before the breakup really, there were slight changes in his attitude. Then he told me one day that his parents are against our relationship because of religious barrier, I'm a Muslim and he is a christain. He went ahead to tell me his pastor was against it too because he saw a vision. He wouldn't tell me what the vision is. So, i became a pest to him after the breakup, which makes me wonder, our always and forever was just nothing. I believe he only used his parents and pastor as an excuse. But I just can't get over him and its been 4months.
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My husband is a serious cheat, a liar, a pretender. He is a stingy and heartless man. I could stay for months without getting a dime from him just because i earn more than him , he doesn't even give me money for feeding or for anything, yet he eats 3saqure meal everyday, I cloth him and do all sort of mrs nice for him may be he would change but rather he is becoming worst day by day. he borrows endlessly from me without paying. To crown it all now he is sex starving me and rejecting me on bed even when i make move. Am young, neat, and hardworking. This is someone that begged, cried, fainted and will not leave the neck of all those who are related to me pleading to marry him even when he knows i had a serious relationship, now he has turned a devil. Am thinking of buying a dildo for myself as i have done everything to satisfy him. and i want to be using this dildo even if he is around, would i be wrong if i do that?
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