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Hi everyone, what do you think a lady might mean when saying she's in a complicated phase of her life?
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I have a lesbian sister in-law whom during my courtship with the brother fought so hard to separate us but the bond was unbreakable, Oluwa fought my battle. My husband base in Italy and he's running around to see that I join him soon.. Fast forward to the main koko, I never knew my sister in-law is a lesbian until the day she visited me, I slept on the same bed with her without knowing she's a lesbian, at midnight, I felt a hand gently romancing and caressing my nipple, You can imagine the temptation and considering how long i have stayed without sex because of my husband's absence, when I quickly jumped up, She asked casually '' Baby what's that., Kai! Just imagine, I was dumbfounded when I noticed she was the one.. Being my senior/elder, I told her politely that I don't like such play and I left the room for her.. Since then, her attitude changed negatively towards me.,I kept that incident a secret because am yet to ascertain a solution. Please Bomites, how do I handle a lesbian sister in-law,Should I tell my husband?, I don't want to be in enmity with my sister in-law because she's my mother in-law and hubby's favorite. I need a polite way to put a stop to her sexual advances and rekindle the friendship. Thanks
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Good evening everyone.
Please I need your assistance urgently.
My fiance is met to see her period on the 12th of this month but did not see it initially we are thinking it's hormonas change but today we went to the pharmacy to get PT and it was confirmed positive!
Please we don't plan to keep this for now.
Please we need your advice on what kind of drugs to get please pals it's very urgent.
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Hello Guys,

How u na dey my people? Just seeking for your advice.

My husband for 5 years with 2 children (a girl and a boy), is now cheating on me with another woman out there. I did not know he will turn out to be this way as he wasn't like this during our courtship period for 2 good years before I now decided to marry him. Now, he is always with this strange woman, goes out with her, stays late outside before coming back home, do all sort of things with her, even sleeping with her. I have confronted him about this several times, he will turn it to fight me. I have all the proofs with me to have concluded this way.

My People, what should I do in this case. I'm in school, I'm also working, then taking care of his 2 children dat I have for him. Should I ignore everything he is doing as its hurting me or leave the marriage? Thank you.
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What would you do?
You meet a gurl through a friend, made an appointment and y'all chilled out for like 2 hours gisting and getting to know each other... It was full of laughs and all.
All of a sudden she starts acting weirder everyday. You call she doesn't pick and when she picks she talks as if she's dreaming, she talks to you anyhow, she shouts at everything, hiss at everything. She refused to see you again. Tried all you can but, she tries her possible best to cripple every effort you make to even talk with her again.
What's up with that?
Is it worth calling again? (despite it's gonna be another week of constant calling before she finally picks just to shout and cut the call several times with the excuse that the network was bad)
What do y'all think?
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