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Hi everyone,permits me to use this medium to introduce myself because I'm new here.
My stage name is Best Entertainz or you can call me Best,I am a music artist based in Bangkok. It's my first time here and i am happy to know you all,feel free to ask me whatever you wish and I will be glad to answer you all accordingly. Follow me on all social media to know more about me,link on my bio for more details and always stay tuned for more relevant information. Thanks you all for your support and once again it's my pleasure to be among you all today. Remain bless with one love. #Best.
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Good evening,

I am so ashame for the fact that my forfathers came from Africa. You people are so cruel, wicked ahh ahh. Why are you killing your selfs like this?! Why are you people so wicked towards eachother?! No wonder you guys have the gospel of Jesus christ otherwise you would have killed all humans on earth. God is watching you people. It's getting worst everyday. I understand now why we had to spread all over the world. Because if we were all there in Africa. it would have been worst with us. The same wickedness of selling your own to the whiteman is still manivesting everywhere in Africa. Africans must have a black heart for real i don't think it's red. It's all dark, black and full of wickedness. I pray God save you people. I know he's trying by giving you people the holyghost to work with. But he still has a long way to go because you guys have a black heart as the night and hard as steel. Depent Africa and stop the killing among eachother!!
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Am about getting married to my sweet heart next month someone should pray for me for financial breakthroughs, pls.
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My confession is that i still don't know how to cook jolllof )))): pls someone help lol
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The man i love shattered my life, infact he has destroyed me emotionally and physically, bcos i don't think i will ever love any man again, i tried and almost cut my head for dis relationship to work out but no way, i put more effort even much more than him, I'm de one dat is losing here, his words are really hurting me, he keep saying all sort of nonsense tins to be, dat he has been telling me to move on, dat I'm de one dat keep faising myself on him, can u imagine? and nothing like dat, falsing? How? after 3yrs, when a man is tired of a woman dey start using bad words, I'm dying here my people, it's just like i don't want o live anymore, I'm hurt here bcos i know its better for me to move on but how can i do that? I don't even have anything now to keep my mind busy or something, it's hurting me badly and i don't know where to start from by taking him of my mind gradually, what can i do, my body is on fire over here
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