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Thank you. My girlfriend does not like to ask me for money and when I offer it, she's not always excited to collect it. Sometimes, she'll be broke and she won't mention it until I notice myself. When we just started dating, we had to fight before she gave me her acct details. I don't like my babe being broke. I'm a very busy person and I may not notice on time that she's broke esp cos we're not in the same city.
She's not working yet, so she gets pretty broke to the extent of having no data. This hurts me n makes me feel irresponsible. I'd really appreciate if she could just ask me for the money. I'm not a broke ass... I've tried convincing her to ask and we're about a year old, but she still doesn't ask. Please, how can I convince her that there's nothing wrong with her asking her boyfriend for money?
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Hello Guys,

How u na dey my people? Just seeking for your advice.

My husband for 5 years with 2 children (a girl and a boy), is now cheating on me with another woman out there. I did not know he will turn out to be this way as he wasn't like this during our courtship period for 2 good years before I now decided to marry him. Now, he is always with this strange woman, goes out with her, stays late outside before coming back home, do all sort of things with her, even sleeping with her. I have confronted him about this several times, he will turn it to fight me. I have all the proofs with me to have concluded this way.

My People, what should I do in this case. I'm in school, I'm also working, then taking care of his 2 children dat I have for him. Should I ignore everything he is doing as its hurting me or leave the marriage? Thank you.
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HELO hO MY PEOPLE, if u are a gifted musician dat av been dreamin, stop dreamin nd feel d reality by halla here, u wil just join us 2gether 2build a platform 4 ourself, bt ur qualification is, u must b able sing wel wil sensible lyric 2mak our team hit
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Hello! Am desperately seeking for advice or opinions. For the pass 5 years people have been calling my mother a witch. My bother and sister want nothing to do with her. Me and my brothers and sisters can barely sleep in our family house due to some kind of forces attacking us. My father was blind but sees things that someone who sees can’t see. My mother labeled my father a witch. While our father labeled our mother a witch and accused her of making him blind. It was a difficult situation for me. I tried not to let what was going on bothered me. My father died two years ago, before he died he told me when he is gone, we will know who the witch is. After our father died, the problems in the family began worst. Every one moved out of the family house, but what ever that was following us still attacked us. We invited so many (15) pastors to help no luck. They kept saying something power was buried in the yard. Each time they prayed for my mother, she fell on the ground twisting her body like a worm that salt was put on it body. One thing I also noticed is that, my mom sleeps like as if she is death. About 20 pastors said she’s not a witch! But my bother told me a traditional doctor said she was initiated in a blood sucking cult. I lost my father, step bro, and step sis June September and November. 3 people within 5 months. I haven’t talk to my mother for a year. I saw her in my dream with vampire tooth and blood all over her mouth. Am in pains now, how can I handle this problem? No insults please!
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I am 27yr old guy, am in deeply in lv wit a girl it so serious. abt 4yr ago my mum av been keepin telin me 2stop datin her bcuz she said pastor told her dat we wil nt be copatible in d nearest future. bt am tryin CNT FIT STOP cuz i lv her. av gon 2pastor
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