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I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost four years. A few months ago, we were experiencing some problems and I confided in a close friend. She took this as an opportunity to tell him she had feelings for him and asked if they could have a chance together.

He told her he did not feel the same way. I found out from someone else what happened and although I understand why he didn’t tell me, I find their friendship difficult to accept, but I want to move on and I don’t want to ruin my relationship with my boyfriend.
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please am 30, I met a young girl and after a while I fall in love with her, she told me her past relationship with a wicked guy who maltreated her all the way, but I accept her since all was in the past, so we started the relationship it was quite moving fine and I developed more love for her but unfortunately she was hiding something from me not until after 4-5 months of our relationship she she started acting abnormal I ask her she said nothing, finally to cut the story short she opened up to me that she had two kids for the same guy a boy and a girl, she told me treated her bad previously and that he deprived her the right to the kids right now she don't know where the kids are here took them away and beats her everyday then she had to run away. she told me that the kids are somewhere in Abuja... she pleaded with me not to leave her cause if I do her life is gone please what will I do am really frustrated and confused and heart broken please help me with some advice.
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Please pals, is it right for someone that is earning N250,000 monthly rent a house of N400,000 (Per annum) The company pay every 28th of the month and they are very consistent.

I need your advice pls.
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Hi friends! Am back to this site after 10 years.Am married but there is no love life. Am just 30.I think am falling in love out there.How can I help?
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I regret ever getting pregnant for my boyfriends, tho I didn't plan for dis, I'm the one facing the whole stress, lonely and all by myself, I went to another country to seek for asylum and I'm in the camp based on things are not ok in his side and in my side also, so de best was for me is to go to another country to seek for asylum, I'm just here, lonely and all by myself, he hardly call nowadays, even if we have not speak to each other all day, he will come online and he will not even write me, he has change, I regret ever getting pregnant for him, I have been abandoned, he was de one dat even false me to keep de pregnancy, is not like I false de pregnancy on him, everything is no longer de same, he doesn't care anymore, even de way he talks, I didn't even tell him anything dat he has changed or something, I just keep calm, I aways think about this, I'm heart broken, dis is not how i said i want to live my life, feel like changing everything about me and move on, no contact, notin bcos I am heartbroken and I know he will get worst, i know it's not going to be easy for me to do that but it's better to just leave him and face de challenges once and for all, bcos his attitude dis days is breaking my heart seriously, I'm just tired
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