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Pls ..kinda need advice me and my boyfriend broke up 6 months ago.. I tried fixing the relationship but his mine had already made up to leave the relationship.long story short I met a man his one yr younger than me his 26yr old. We are currently dating from the beginning of time all he ever talks about is sex I told him am not ready yet for sex the this man keep putting pressure on me to sleep with him and I honestly don't like to be forced. To do what I don't want.I know am not getting any younger but the sex thing is pissing me off. Presently he stay with me I have tried to kick him out he still doesn't want to leave he keep telling me that I promise him I will sleep with him and I refuse and his like he can't be in a relationship with out sex. I told him if he wants to go he can go .. So now the thing he does is that he keep saying am his wife and his going to marry me honestly I don't believe it till it happen .I really don't know what to do with this man .
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my wife and I have 6 kids between us. The two youngest ones we have together are nine and 11 years. My wife works all the time and has no time for the children, herself or me. She has left the care of the two young children solely to me because she is tired all the time.

I get them ready for school before leaving for my own job. When I leave work I have to rush to do homework even though she is home from the first job. Her complaint is always the same about being tired. With all the money she makes, I still take care of all the bills. Recently, I forced her to pay the $40 electric bill and she allowed it to lapse and for two nights we did not have electricity in the home. All the food got bad and the kids had nightmares. I still ended up paying before the electric company could restore the power.
I do not have a life at all. I babysit, do laundry, cook, take care of kids and still hold down a job. The worst is that I do not even have sex because, you guessed it: she is tired.
I have had enough and want to move out but I am scared about what will happen to my kids. Naijapals, what should I do? Please help me.
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Firstly I must appreciate u people for the good work you are doing. My problem is I was honestly advised to create a thread on Nairaland to seek people advice about a certain issue am facing currently in my family. I did this because I considered such an amount as sth I can't afford being a serving corper and just will prefer a couple of insights into such. But i think its right now a wrong step i took but my wife has gotten to find out and am not finding things funny any longer now The parents and several people have seen these and daily are feeling bitter. Pls I observed that you have that content on ur website and i must sincerely thank and appreciate you for urgently picking up the news peice inorder to help me out . But pls save my marriage as it was misunderstanding and have almost sorted it now but they insist that i must see that such info is removed from the web. I have emailed Nairaland moderators and some other websites and nd have asssited me in deleting that.kindly help me delete that thread permanently on ur own website.
My Partner Is Requesting I Buy A Wedding Dress Of At Least 500k For Her is the title
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Hello everyone!

I'm a Nigerian born in the Netherlands and I have always been very much in love with the culture and everything about Nigeria. Since I have never lived there, i just have to live with the stories of the good and bad about the country. Now that i am about to graduate from university here, I am thinking of moving there (shortly) also because my mum insists.

Whenever i see someone online saying they are planning to move to nigeria, i see other nigerians discouraging them. Makes me wonder why.

Is there any advice you have for me? Im planning to go for some months to see if for myself. Im planning to start a business there and when it goes well i can stay. But i wonder what you guys have to say about that. I will be living in Lagos.

Thanks and much love!
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Hi guys pls I need ur advice on this
Though av written it before but cudnt find it again in the confessions.

There is this guy am dating for almost a year naw. He had some issues with his ex and he tried to settle it with her but it didn't work. After being single for two years, he asked me out, which I agreed to.

Every time he tells me he can't get over his ex becoz he loved her so much and dey dated for a long time, he said it has become a trauma which I understood nd still stayed with him.

Recently, I discovered he has been asking other ladies out and when I confronted him, he said he doesn't have deep feelings for me and wants to date another girl to see if his feelings will comeback becoz of his past, he isn't even breaking up with me, he said he hasn't given up on me yet.

He also said he doesn't want to put all his eggs in one basket, becoz he has done Dat once and it failed him.

Guys pls what should I do in this situation coz I really love this guy...I need ur sincere advise pls
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