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I need your input on the matter of the heart, my wife and I have been married for 4 Yrs. and we have been living happily for as long as I can remember but our sex life is what is making me go crazy as in we make love virtually every day and we love trying new things on bed which is cool by us but my major concern is I hope this new thing that we keep trying on bed will not have any effect on us?
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Please pals, someone pls help me. peptic ulcer is killing me. I have taken so many medications still no improvement. I have taken pariet, ladacin, omaprazole Librax etc.

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All my life everything has been fast, especially my education and relationship. I started dating while I was 16 n I never dated a student till i met my present bf. All my relationships crumble because I wasn't ready for the next step.
My present bf represents everything I was not used to when it comes to relationships. I am some months older than him, I am richer (because we only spend his money. lol), I was some classes ahead of him in uni, I accepted to date him bcos he really "chased me" and was romantic and he wasnt intimidated. At first, I was ashamed of our relationship n I thought I would lose interest in him when i left uni bt I didnt n I started loving him more than i ever loved any other guy i dated. I wore my relationship with pride, to me he was too good to be true. Whenever I make plans, I consider him too. I was so happy when he was to graduate, I even had a small party for him n his friends ( I dont like his friends they are too childish). When it was time for him to serve i was already working something out, and i needed his input bt he was always evasive. I am not d type of girl that checks her bf's phone bt we were free with one another's phone we just dont check.
On one of those particular days i picked up his phone and a msg came from one of his friend(d only one I like) i just decided to chat with him and d msg that came in reads "guy u suppose don tell her since naa" Dat night my bf told me he never graduated from uni. I cried all night, some people might not see it as a big deal but for me it is.
I didnt leave him, I tried to persuade him to go bck to school bt he wont. I am chasing my career now, I am presently doing a professional course and my schedule has been tight, my bf who presently does nothing (apart from his investment that fetches him money) is always picking fights with me, the last time he was really pissed when i replied his message with "I'll call you, I'm at lectures"
I am getting tired, he fights me at every opportunity he gets and it stresses me out.
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I have a girl who loves me (or so she claims) she used to be a very bad girl, as in a lot of sex from so many guys and the reason was at a young age she was molested by a girl who was her neighbor. She revealed all this to me when we met and according to her she has never told a soul. I felt pity for her and kinda took her in and we started dating and she totally changed from having men around.
Now the problem is, we barely have sex. We have had quite a few but as u read this we have not fucked for the past 6 months. She keeps putting it off with one excuse or the other until one day she said she does not find me sexually attractive and she wished my dick was bigger.
Now i am not small and neither am i big but i love having sex with the person i am dating at the moment. I am not a flirt like most of my guys. I am a one man one woman kinda guy and this is really pissing me off cos i cant see myself cheating on her and so many times i have tried to move on she starts pleading for me not to leave her. She loves me, she always wants us to cuddle and talk and kiss but sex becomes an issue. I find this annoying and frustrating especially as she gets too jealous when i interact with other girls or when i inform her i will be getting a new fuck mate. Guys what do i do?
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pls pals, is playing bet9ja a sin b4 God?

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