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My husband sometimes loses his temper and becomes violent. This usually happens when he feels somebody has insulted him or that people around him do not care enough for him or don’t respect him enough. He loves being worshipped, he believes his words should be final. Most times he tells me that I am not respectful and that I don’t love him. I know that I love him, but his violent behaviour is beginning to scare me. Two weeks ago, I woke up on the hospital bed. We were told that these are features of a personality disorder and that he should seek for help. Please how can I make my home a happier one devoid of violence?


~ 1 year ago gogoman said:
well, maybe you should stop nagging him. since his a wild lion

~ 1 year ago Ufuoma_ said:
If he is not making
effort to get help for his personality disorder, i suggest you stay away from him for some time or you informed his parents to see if they can convince him to see a psychologist on how to manage his disorder and live a normal life without hurting people around him. Just be careful while you try getting him help. Your life is dear to you I guess.

~ 1 year ago apprehended said:
Women with women wahala, una need to get a life and stop superimposing matter hahaha. You see am before u marry am ooo.. Ok sha make we leave matter for now until u repost dis ya discombobulated so to say story.

~ 1 year ago StGHsbs said:
. . .
This all cease off retain ever will retain --- GHsbs zMS.MOnkey St . . .
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