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What are the signs of immaturity in a guy? I use to think accumulation of age is equal to maturity and experience. Now I look out for personality, character rather than material things, status or beauty. It saddens me to see guys in their 30's behaving childish. Point of correction this does not imply to every guy. I have seen guys in their 20's behaving maturely and thinking big about their future, and I have seen some more older ones in their early 30's or late or more behaving like life hasn't started...My question is what are the signs to know he is immature. My idea of immaturity in a guy is someone who still wants all the girl when he should be settling down, he has babymama all over the place, flirting with all the girls..I strongly dislike a mature guy still wanting to be a player. Please what are yours?


~ 8 months ago kristle said:
couldn' t agree more

~ 8 months ago apprehended said:
Right now ur acting heffin immature. Kindly mind ur own dam biz and let the heffin fools be.

~ 8 months ago EDDYPRINCE said:
Is this a confession or Wat....
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~ 8 months ago gogoman said:
this is a free world! stop trying to change people way of life ..
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~ 8 months ago tyramahomed said:
Nigerian guys in South africa
Hi this is no confession but I' m looking to chat to Nigerian guys that are computer literate from South Africa.

~ 8 months ago ifafunto40 said:
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~ 8 months ago KennyFidel said:
I feel you' re feeling cheated

~ 8 months ago StGHsbs said:
. . .
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~ 8 months ago EDDYPRINCE said:
Naijapals Admin
So this native doctor doing advert here can' t be blocked , but you guys can block reasonable members from commenting so Wat Is stopping u guys to block this native doc. Or let us know if he is a stake holder with you guys.

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