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I have a boyfriend who doesn’t seem to know what he wants. We have been dating for one year and he comes up with weird excuses why we can’t go to the next level. He will fix a date with me and not show up and then two days later he will call as if nothing happened.

I have already discounted him as a boyfriend. Just the other day we were texting each other and he told me he loved me. I made a funny face and told him that he had no clue about dating. He replied and said: “I really love you and you are mine until death do us part.” That was a little freaky and I immediately replied and said: “I am sorry but you are not the one for me. I am sorry it has not worked out, have a nice life.”

He shot back: “You cannot get away from me, and you are mine.”
Okay, I feel like moving and changing my phone number. This guy is so weird. In one year, we have actually slept together just twice and been on a date times and so many canceled dates and he claims that I am his? Till death do us part? Is he for real? Please help. He is freaking me out.


~ 8 months ago gogoman said:
tell him no is no and move on

~ 8 months ago dafakp said:
your story
you leaving lots of part out.

~ 8 months ago apprehended said:
I suggest u shot tha hef up. U got no idea wht jus spilled outta ya heffin mouth.. get a life hahaha. I go with comment rightly above me, #2.

~ 8 months ago tipsgain said:
Move on
You have to let him go to move on, he doesn' t want to change.
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~ 8 months ago MOnkey said:
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~ 8 months ago EDDYPRINCE said:
Take this or live it, that guy don' t love u just playing with your emotions, the best thing to do is to cut off from him finally, delete everything about him and never reach him again and continue with your life. He knows your weak point and trying to work on your weakness. Move ahead sharp sharp.

~ 8 months ago drjosez said:
life goes on

~ 8 months ago I_blink said:
Is this really happening in Nigeria? You need to listen to this super amazing track by I'blink,
Finally! An ironically lazy Nigerian

~ 8 months ago s3milor3 said:

~ 8 months ago Dapps003 said:
Let him go
Tell him you not interested anymore. Maybe he in onto another girl..who knows?. Tell him to move on with his life with out you
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