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Happy Sunday everyone, something has been bothering me, It's going to 2 months now since I gave birth to my first child, de tin is dat i don't want my breast to fall bcos my boyfriend hate flat breast, he said dat i should not allow my breast to fall and how are mine supposed to do dat, I'm breastfeeding and my baby only accept breast milk, what do I do? I don't want my breast to fall, he will be cheating on me when my breast become flat and I dont think he will find me attractive anymore, plz what will I do? Thanks


~ 7 months ago silverbirdng said:
How are you my baby? Still feeling the vibes. Do u really want to talk to me? Well if you do you can email me. Kisses! Whitney housten: I will alway' s love you ! My baby, Muaaahhhhh!...

~ 7 months ago apprehended said:
U married a marraphoka hohohaha
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~ 7 months ago osalove247 said:
Sorry to say
Your boy friend is not a reasonable person, he shouldn't have said that. Did he follow you because of love or your breast, didn't he know that before making you a mother? You have to watch out and plan your life very well my dear.

~ 7 months ago ifarele60 said:
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~ 6 months ago Thomax said:
Always wear your bras
Buy NAN1 to substitute for the breast milk sometimes to lower the pressure on ur breasts. Then make sure u are alws wearing ur bras to stop ur breasts veins from getting weak. U must feed ur baby something else apart from breast milk. Keep trying it. The baby will later like it.
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~ 6 months ago missblack72 said:
No worry
Take care of yourself and your baby. If he leaves, let him.

~ 5 months ago pamela1111 said:
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~ 4 months ago Ifagbemi101 said:
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~ 4 months ago kemiclox said:
Think well
Pls think we'll your breasts must fall. If it doesn't fall now it will fall in the future and he will still cheat or leave you,is it only your breasts,what about your pussy? That guy is not ready for the marriage.its better your breast fall now let him leave earlier than leaving late.
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