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Humble request according to it’s name is a beautiful Islamic soul music which comprises of a pure supplication to Allah swt, which calls for the need of a good life in order to be dutiful to the needful and less privileged ones around… It also diverged by taking us through the cause of sufferings of some muslims around the global world. Just like in Gaza and the uighurs muslims in china, which is enough for us to be thankful to Allah for the easy life we are going through. Hither to which, is also enough for us to assist our fellow suffering brethrens with whatever
Allah has blessed us with.
Lyrics of humble request
Aundhu billahi Mino li fakir. ( I seek Allah's refuge from poverty )
Save me Allah from poverty
Save me from any kinda suffering
And the ummah from afflictions
Timmynasheed and bigfydurt
Verse 1
Kilomu hurstling ( why am I hurstling )
Tryna make a name
Kilomu hurstling ( why am I hurstlinv
Tryna make a fame?
Oh oh hooooo
Owo Nani ( it's all about money )
Eh eh eeeeh
Ola Nani. ( It's a about wealth )
Come to the ghetto
Seeing how people are living life
Oma le ooo ( it's so hard )
Life full of poverty
Oma shey oooo. ( It's a pity)
Aged never eat since they get no money
No shoes to put on to get their groove on.
Ya Allah
Iwo lo lowo ( you own this money )
Ya ganiu
Iwo lo Lola. ( You own this wealth )
Dakun pese funmi kotope. ( Pls provide for me before it's too late )
Dakun pese funmi kotope. ( Pls provide for me before it's too late )
Ya rafiu
Iwo loni igbega ( you own upliftment )
Ya lateef
Iwo Lo lanu ( you own mercy )
Dakun sanu funmi kotope. ( Pls be merciful on me before it's too late )
Dakun sanu funmi kotope. ( Pls be merciful on me before it's too late )
Verse 2
If you give me money
I'll give to needy
If you give money
I'll give to refugees
I'll propagate Islam
I'll be a better man
Will be my best jihad
Spending through your cause
24/7 of my life
Make it possible for me
Ya Allah
I need a good life
I want a better life
Me and my family wants a blessed life
At the end of life
Pardon us Allah
Let's meet you with
And make your paradise our favoured home
Our favoured home
Our favoured home
Repeat chorus twice
Which of the favour
Of Allah
Could you deny?
Could I sly?
Ah ah never never
Else will be a mushrikin
A zolimun
We're sleeping in peace
We're walking in peace
Unlike in Gaza
Unlike the uighurs
We are grateful Allah
For this gift of life
And we wanna be helpful
To the suffering souls.
Just like prophet sulaimon
Lift me high Allah
So I can be a blessing
To everyone
Repeat chorus twice
Bowo bade ( if this money comes )
Bola bade. ( If this wealth comes )
Oooya Allah ( oooh Allah )
Maje a jora. ( Don't let us loose our mind )
Kingzayn bigfydurt
We'll never hesitate
To do what we promise

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