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" EveryDay" : Humble Capanga Releases His Debut Single / Humble Capanga

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Years upon years of goodwill and patiently growing on the Lord's side, Humble Capanga makes his grand entry onto the global entertainment scene with the release of "EveryDay".
"EveryDay" is a highly inspirational vibe, infused with a dose of lyrics that invokes divine prosperity, through which Humble Capanga gently portrays a lifestyle that revolves around God and the hustle.
EveryDay is produced in the US by music genius- J.Cuse, and recorded in Nigeria at DreamOut Empire, with vocal support from ShamBoss.
Set to dominate global music billboards and stores with his comprehensive debut EP, including studio freestyles, a documentary, and more, Humble Capanga's full body of work will be digitally released in a couple of weeks.
Listen, download and share "EveryDay" to positively impact God with progressive thoughts around God.
Wake up EveryDay, Hustle Hard Just To Get My Pay (EveryDay)
Always Pray More Good Things Come My Way. (EveryDay)
Grateful to the Lord to see another day, then I pray, then I pray.
Wake up feeling blessed
Looking for a life with no stress
Money got the pains more less
I'm not saying this to impress
Whats money without happiness
When success comes
Remember where you came from
All the things you've been through
Before your dreams came true
Be good at what you do
Its gon bounce back on you
What goes around comes around
Happiness and love is what I found
This got me feeling endowed
Hope it doesn't get burned into the ground
Stay humble never stay proud
Follow the right path not the crowd
Only tryna make Moma proud
Young nigga made it outta the hood
My neighbor hood feeling good
Everyone eating good food
Doing like a real one should do
Chasing paper dont know about you
They tryna figure out my next move.
When you get yours love yours
Don't be greedy like you gotta have it all
Know one day Man go fall
Buried deep in 6 feet tall
Life is short and small
If you dont brawl you'll crawl
Got me hanging by the mail
Pray the Lord to keep my soul
When trouble comes there is a mole
Either your mistakes or the fakes
They wanna see my downfall
They will try but always fail
Enemies cant prevail
I'm just trying to make sales
Got real diamonds on the grill
Bet you can put that on a scale
Always for the trill
No more struggling to get a meal
I be balling like Bradley Beal,
4rings like Shaq ONeil
On my grind to get my mil
Stay true and stay real
Got more accounts to fill
So till then let us chill.

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