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Obidient / Odince

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Obidient is a song made by Odinaka Ezechinemere popularly known as Odince with other names: Ultimate Odince. This song reminds you of the Bad governance, insecurity and poverty in Nigeria, asking you to vote for competence found in MR PETER OBI the flag Bearer of the Labour Party and his Vice, Ahmed Yusuf whom most Nigerians want in Aso rock in 2023 most especially the youths who have now waken up from slumber to recover their country Nigeria from the oppressors and hand it over to the peoples choice whom they believe will do better.
It is no longer a news that Nigeria has been ruled so long by the same people most especially old grandpas who should be resting with their grand kids and be taken care of instead of taking care of those who should take care of them.
“The youth are the Leaders of Tomorrow ” a proverb said, but in Nigeria it seems the old people wants to be the leaders but thank God, the Youths have waken up and are ready to change Nigeria who could not change them.
The word obidient which means Obedient was obtained from “OBI” the Surname of the Labour Party flag bearer, the peoples choice.
This song is asking you to be obedient because if you are obident, you shall eat the fruit of your labour.
May our Labour Never be in vain.
Obi.. Obi… Obi…
Obi… iii Obi….
Am Obidient
Am Obidient
Are you Obidient?
Am Obidient.
Suffer No dey tire you?
complain e nodey tire you?
Hungry no dey wire you?
If you no retire them, them go fire you
Obedience is better than sacrifice,
we have sacrificed alot in vain,
our labour cannot be in vain,
our labour cannot be in vain.
Am Obidient
Am Obidient
Are you Obidient?
Am Obidient.
You don dey suffer because you no dey obey,
Things don scatter because you nodey obey
it’s time to obey.. obey.. obey… (2x)
Trust and obey, there is no other way to be happy in this life but to trust and obey (2x)
Am Obidient
Am Obidient
Are you Obidient?
Am Obidient.
If you are not obidient, wetin you gain? ah oh!..

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