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Pray / Da voice ft jozzie quality

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Pray yourself out
Hook x4
Pray x3
Pray yourself out

Chorus x2
I pray [I pray]
You pray (you pray)
We pray (we pray)
Demos slay (slay)

Verse 1 (jozzie quality)
One time, two times, keep praying non stop
Building your most holy Faith so you get on Top
This life my guy is full of Enemies and So
put on the whole Armor of God From your head to Toe
Tobagbàbè(if you forget) Just wanna let you know
When the tongues rise we gon Cast and Bind dem
So remind dem
Light so bright wae fit to blind dem
Komalóbe(the should not misbehave) mafowokàn my Anointed
And my prophet do not harm dem
If you dey fly for night, I meditate
No weapon formed against me shall penetrate
So malóbe(don't misbehave) I hope you get it straight
Because am praying to the Heavens gate


Verse 2 (Da voice)
The cross is the devil's greatest mistake
He that is in me, is not your mate
I'm Anointed rugged son of God
Prayer warrior, devil's nightmare
I'm a war zone, demon's X spot
With the 2 edged sword, Demon slayer
Gone are those days bad dreams frightened us,
Now we're victorious before waking up
Hard times will surely pass
A man who pray won't go astray
Put on the armor of God and slay
With his word (sword), nd songs of praise
Pray pray, evry night and day
Spirit filled, do not cease to pray
Joy and mourn, Give thanks to God
Who delivered us from the power of darkness
Pray pray pray pray......


Get up and pray
Man up and slay

I don dey pray x2
I don dey pray no time for play
I don dey pray x2
Make devil no use me play


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