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tyisha sam (fiercedivaty)

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fiercedivaty (tyisha sam) | Naijapals Profile

NEVER look down on ppl unless its to pick them UP

denial & resentment increases w/ age. SUM PPL GET SO STUCK IN THEIR WAYS & TRADITIONAL TEACHINGS/THINKIN DAT IT ONLY HIN - 9 years ago
44Yrs female from Hartford, United states

About me:
I'm simply ME! I love good ppl, I'm culturally diverse, I'm also attracted to mentally intact minded ppl who understands themselves.
I love to travel when i could, I live in Connecticut in the U.S, I'm 34, loving and living life, you have to get to knw me to knw what my personality is like, for i have many sides to me, it just all depends on what ur ora brings out of me.
I dont wanna write alot of things in which to draw one's attention, just getting to knw me would tell/ show you all u need 2 knw, however im surely a realist and only except real ppl in my world.)

I can not stand a LIAR!!!!!

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