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now Niger Delta Militant don give Hausa 3months to vacate d region too, mmmmm where are we heading too in ds country, war no good ois better we ramain united or we separate peacefully cox me no wan war, our Children will never experience it mbanu God bless us too Amen


~ 10 months ago kison said:
This is a confession ground....go open blog if u want to voice ur opinion abt stuffs like careful

~ 10 months ago christianity said:
Are u tru?
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~ 10 months ago INYENZY said:
King Lescott
My confession wanna die a rich kid
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~ 10 months ago gogoman said:
come up with something new!!!
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~ 10 months ago apprehended said:
Jobless Thang
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~ 10 months ago istkingz01 said:
Is this a confession of the parable of the last supper? Try dis shit again, I will delete yur account
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~ 9 months ago quest3 said:
confused fellow i just dey look you
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~ 9 months ago frankeagle10 said:
needless discussion
their have stayed more than there welcomes for that reasons all should go
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