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Please I need help and advice,sometimes back,me and my cousin slept on the same bed and at a time I losses my senses and saw my self touching her and she responded and we started romancing one another and took off our clothes and kept touching each other but in the process we realized it was a sin and an abomination but we didn't do any intercourse(penetrati ve), and we stopped and started regretting and ran and met our pastor ,he then prayed and councilled us,but time to time I feel depressed when I remember it and am feeling to go tell our parents,should I go ahead or I should let it die like that ???? Because my image and name is astake here....(or I should have reason to thank God that nothing really happened) please advice me
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I’m 24 years old and my partner is 10 years older.

We’ve been together for four years and agreed to have a family when we could afford it.

Thank goodness we’re both working now. I think this is a good time to start our family, but he doesn’t seem interested.

I know we can afford a baby and he needs to know he’s not getting younger.

I love him so much and I want to have his baby more than
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I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost four years. A few months ago, we were experiencing some problems and I confided in a close friend. She took this as an opportunity to tell him she had feelings for him and asked if they could have a chance together.

He told her he did not feel the same way. I found out from someone else what happened and although I understand why he didn’t tell me, I find their friendship difficult to accept, but I want to move on and I don’t want to ruin my relationship with my boyfriend.
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