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Hi everyone, what do you think a lady might mean when saying she's in a complicated phase of her life?
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Good evening everyone.
Please I need your assistance urgently.
My fiance is met to see her period on the 12th of this month but did not see it initially we are thinking it's hormonas change but today we went to the pharmacy to get PT and it was confirmed positive!
Please we don't plan to keep this for now.
Please we need your advice on what kind of drugs to get please pals it's very urgent.
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Thank you. My girlfriend does not like to ask me for money and when I offer it, she's not always excited to collect it. Sometimes, she'll be broke and she won't mention it until I notice myself. When we just started dating, we had to fight before she gave me her acct details. I don't like my babe being broke. I'm a very busy person and I may not notice on time that she's broke esp cos we're not in the same city.
She's not working yet, so she gets pretty broke to the extent of having no data. This hurts me n makes me feel irresponsible. I'd really appreciate if she could just ask me for the money. I'm not a broke ass... I've tried convincing her to ask and we're about a year old, but she still doesn't ask. Please, how can I convince her that there's nothing wrong with her asking her boyfriend for money?
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my name is jessy,am twenty four yrs old,i do experience dryness during sex.Any help for me to improve in getting wet during sex.#no insult pls
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