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I have a boyfriend who doesn’t seem to know what he wants. We have been dating for one year and he comes up with weird excuses why we can’t go to the next level. He will fix a date with me and not show up and then two days later he will call as if nothing happened.

I have already discounted him as a boyfriend. Just the other day we were texting each other and he told me he loved me. I made a funny face and told him that he had no clue about dating. He replied and said: “I really love you and you are mine until death do us part.” That was a little freaky and I immediately replied and said: “I am sorry but you are not the one for me. I am sorry it has not worked out, have a nice life.”

He shot back: “You cannot get away from me, and you are mine.”
Okay, I feel like moving and changing my phone number. This guy is so weird. In one year, we have actually slept together just twice and been on a date times and so many canceled dates and he claims that I am his? Till death do us part? Is he for real? Please help. He is freaking me out.
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What would you do?
You meet a gurl through a friend, made an appointment and y'all chilled out for like 2 hours gisting and getting to know each other... It was full of laughs and all.
All of a sudden she starts acting weirder everyday. You call she doesn't pick and when she picks she talks as if she's dreaming, she talks to you anyhow, she shouts at everything, hiss at everything. She refused to see you again. Tried all you can but, she tries her possible best to cripple every effort you make to even talk with her again.
What's up with that?
Is it worth calling again? (despite it's gonna be another week of constant calling before she finally picks just to shout and cut the call several times with the excuse that the network was bad)
What do y'all think?
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I am a single mother who has had to work really hard to give my only daughter a good life. Thankfully, God blessed the work of my hands and my food processing company now has branches all over the country. Lately, I have been thinking about planning my estate and writing a Will since I am now a grandmother. Naturally, the bulk of my assets will go to my daughter.

The problem is her husband. As it is, he basically lives off my daughter’s income and my goodwill. I am worried that he will squander everything I have worked hard for. Is there a way to bequeath my property to my daughter without her husband also having rights to them, especially as she now formally goes by his name?
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my name is jessy,am twenty four yrs old,i do experience dryness during sex.Any help for me to improve in getting wet during sex.#no insult pls
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Hi am based in lagos. I have this little pimple-like stuff on my chest n little on my arms looks like pimples anyone with useful information on how i can get it eradicated. Thanks
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