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My boyfriend is an international student currently studying at the university that I graduated from. My bf wants to get marry 2019.which I have agree too only one condition he must sign a paper indicating that if he divorce me after he must pay be $1500 for 10yr. My reason for doing so was because when we had an issue he started asking another girl out inviting her for dinner and all. He promise me he would never do it again. So the issue now is he said he would not leave me promising all type of shit . I told him I have to watch out for my own self because I don' t know after 5 yrs from now. Is it a good business deal we are both in the USA. I came across a message btw him and his friend that I will give him papers.
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Please I need help and advice,sometimes back,me and my cousin slept on the same bed and at a time I losses my senses and saw my self touching her and she responded and we started romancing one another and took off our clothes and kept touching each other but in the process we realized it was a sin and an abomination but we didn't do any intercourse(penetrati ve), and we stopped and started regretting and ran and met our pastor ,he then prayed and councilled us,but time to time I feel depressed when I remember it and am feeling to go tell our parents,should I go ahead or I should let it die like that ???? Because my image and name is astake here....(or I should have reason to thank God that nothing really happened) please advice me
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I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost four years. A few months ago, we were experiencing some problems and I confided in a close friend. She took this as an opportunity to tell him she had feelings for him and asked if they could have a chance together.

He told her he did not feel the same way. I found out from someone else what happened and although I understand why he didn’t tell me, I find their friendship difficult to accept, but I want to move on and I don’t want to ruin my relationship with my boyfriend.
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Good morning house.
Please i need your advice, no insult and i want mature minded fellow to react to it.
I want to do and meet a LADY for the 1st time, and am going to stay with her for few days.
What can i do to really WIN HER [email protected] TO MY SIDE? Is there anything i can buy and co?
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Hi everyone am looking for a lady who is from port Harcourt Nigeria
Her name is Telema horsfall please if you can locate her or her family for me you will be rewarded with #50k but you have to have the right information for me to make sure is the person am looking for
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