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not actually a confession tho...but my friends, this is a confession segment which was done to help ourselves as human beings, to advise each other about life happenings...a confession isnt suppose to sound I don't know why some people here mock or insult the confessor. I've been a fan of this confession platform for years now and I've seen people confess and seen it properly you come here and u hardly see any confession cos of the fear of being ridiculed. please u might be the cause of someone not being depressed or going further to take his or her life.. let's help each other by giving advices that are uplifting. I know some people will still insult me or say "and your confession is ?? " but I hope u dont get to a point in your life when u need someone to talk to and the person just bullshits u.. please and please let's learn to help each other. we say Nigeria isn't moving forward but we are the ones taking it backwards. let's learn to help each other and remember that the change begins with YOU.

God bless u all
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Please guys I need you guys advise
I don't know what kind of business I should do
I have 1million naira cash.
.the only concern here is business that will be giving me daily cash.
Thanks as u share Ur Idea with me.
Love u guys
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Am a guy 30 years of age dating a girl called joy in germany.we had a quarry cos I feel she is cheating on me and I treating to end the relationship but before I new it she went into my house and took my 300 euro I force her to give it back to me but refuse now my neighbours ask me to call the police to calm the situation so that I will not be blame for beating a woman.the police arrive and she lied to the police that I wanted to rape her.Now it has result to court case and the best lawyer I was directed to just told me she is handling the case already that my girlfriend is her client.I pleaded with the lawyer if we could settle the case as lovers but she insist I get myself a better lawyer .Am so confuse now what should I do????
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Hi pals. .I am an igbo man from imo state. .I am in support of agitation for biafra but I am not in support of the soo called leader of ipob kanu because of the manner he's going about it..I listened to his radio programme twice and stop listening because of non sense abusive words he is vomiting from this mouth. .soo rude and disgusting things he said. .and i ask myself how can a good thinking person identify his or herself with such character? I tell u something my fellow igbos this man has brainwashed our youth. .you cannot achieve this struggle without the support of the elite and international communities. .but I want to ask you if u are president of America or united nation or any prominent person in this world can u identify yourself with nnamdi kanu after listening to what is coming out from his mouth? That is the reason I think no international TV station takes us serious and no right thinking leaders of the world will come out publicly to identify with kanu and his agitation. .that is also the reasons our igbo leaders even ohaneze has refused to endorse ipob. .because they see kanu as tout and u can't blame them after listening to his hate preach. .This is not the way to go about this my people. .even the catalonians and Scotland that are agitating for same freedom is this the way they are going about it? How can you say u want to stop anambra election and people are clapping? He said any igbo person that attend a church with yoruba man as a pastor is an idiot and his followers are clapping? my people there is nothing wrong in agitation but everything is wrong with the manner nd approach of nnamdi kanu and his followers. .remember like I said u cannot achieve biafra without the support of the igbo elite and international communities and no sensibe leader will like to come out and identify himself with this man. .I am so sad that his followers do not think same instead they cheer every rubbish that comes out of his mouth. .when the war start we know who will loose. .its the poor masses that will loose. .I know u his brainwashed followers will abuse me but I have just said the truth. .and in as much as I support biafra I do not support the manner this kanu of a guy is dragging our youth. .people should be wise. .I have not heard people of Scotland saying they want to stop election in London. Or calling Britain names and abusing everyone just because they want out. .kanu is behaving like a tout I don't want to call him one..And as long as he goes like this no serious leader will identify with him ..What I only predict is war and violence and I am sure no body wants that but unfortunately that is where kanu is leading us. .I pray he goes back to Britain and I pray we get a more civilised and educated person to lead this fight. .someone who is ready to negotiate our way out in peaceful and diplomatic way. .like Someone rightly said all wars ended up in round table of negotiations even biafra war ended in round table. .so we need to go to round table to achieve our dreams cos if the war starts people will die and it will still end in round table. .be wise my people. .
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I’ve discovered that when I’m in a relationship with a guy, I always lose myself. Once I fall in love, everyone and everything else ceases to be important.

Invariably, the guy dumps me because I suffocate him and then I have to grovel to get my friends to forgive me for ignoring them.

I’m well aware of doing it and try to stop myself but it doesn’t work. I’m currently single and want to solve this before getting a new boyfriend and start the whole process again.
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