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Confession room is so dry these days is unbelievable. Admin you guys need to keep this room entertaining like it used to be in those days when Naija pals first started.
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I've been single since January, I came out of a serious relationship due to some family issues and since then relationship hasn't been in my favour.. There's this particular guy have known for years (over 5years) he has been on my issue,I pended his request because he's this kind of on and off guy so I never saw him as someone that truly love me but we are friends.... Fast forward to July.. He came up with it again and claiming to be single so I said yes but communication has been so poor.. Poor like we can go one week without communicating, i always break the silence,he chats once in a while... I talked to him about it but he claims he loves me that loves comes from the heart and not by how many times you communicate..he has been like this that's y I peended his request since.. He's always claiming busy,though he can travel to 5diff states in 5days and ended up travelling out of the country for weeks due to his job anyways.. He's always claiming he loves me because I've known him when he had nothing but he refuse to put it in action.. I'm this kind of lady that doesn't like forcing things, I so believe in the adage that says what would be would be... I give up on anything that obstruct my happiness so easily, he follows this platform but I'm not sure if he's going to read this due to his busy schedule as claimed.. We've not had sex we've slept together once.. The problem now is that he's planning on how we going to see,obviously we might have sex this time around but I'm confused if things won't go wrong more than this because someone that hasn't seen my pant and he doesn't see communication as a barrier.. Is it advisable for me to go see him? Yes,I love him so much even more than I'm showing him.. Pls advise a sister
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My fiance makes $70k a year, while I make $115k. I'm completely 0K with the difference in salaries. However, I just learned that he has been supporting his mom and dad financially for years since he graduated from college. I overheard him tell his mom that they can start looking for a new house and he will help them purchase it after we get married since we will have more money with my income. When I questioned him about it, he said that it was the least he could do for his parents sacrificing to put him through college.
He said that when we get married, my money is his money, and there shouldn't be an issue with where he'd like for our money to go, especially when it is for his parents. I love this man, but I am seriously thinking about calling off the wedding. I would love to get your followers thoughts on this.

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I just put to bed 3 weeks ago and I have my Mother-in-law with me for “Omugwo”. She’s really a nice person except that she’s beginning to really get in my nerves.

I recently started expressing breast milk for my bay for freezer storage (i use a manual breast pump). How this work’s is whenever baby is hungry, which is usually every 15 minutes, his milk will be warmed and fed to him. And this also helps train him to use the feeding bottle since I’m on the exclusive plan.

(sorry for the long story) my main issue now is that my MIL has been drinking my baby’s breast milk and its so annoying. Its usually not easy to express the milk and this woman will just open freezer and be using my hard earned breast milk to drink tea and pap. The annoying thing is that, there’s milk in the house, but she would rather use my breast milk!

I spoke to her about it and all she could do is just laugh it off and said “who no like better thing”. I have also spoken to my hubby who also spoke to her all to no avail. Please how do I handle this, I’m really getting pissed and i don’t want to be rude to her. Please advise and keep me anonymous.
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i am addicted to ladies farts, i find it dificult to keep a relationship with a lady if she refuse to fart when we are alone together, for this reason i have been alone for a very long time, now i am very worried if i will ever get settled down because the ladys fart is the only turn on, affection and attraction i have for ladies, and all the ladies i have met in the past are digusted by this interest i have because they belive its unladylike to fart especially when you with your lover. i don't know what to do any more and i find it very dificult to avoid and reject mike love for ladies fart, i cant stop it. please advice me and do not condemm me, it just my nature, and i cannot find a lady that love fart, i need help before i lost it
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