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Good day friends pls there is this girl am currently in a relationship with the issue is that she always believes that when everytime she visits that i must give her cash if maybe I did not then she will always see her visit as a waste of time. I have really tried explaining to her but she always insist that she will get it not minding if I have it or not. Pls advice me bcos am tired and dnt know wat to do.


~ 9 months ago apprehended said:
She be harlot, drive her away with a very long dog stick hahaha thank me later.

~ 9 months ago donslmnstvn said:
My brother, it is obvious that this lady mind had
been coined to believe r/ship is about giving sex in exchange for money. And I am sure this is not the type of r/ship you want that will lead to marriage. I feel this Lady in question doesn' t love you, she is into you just for the sake of what she can get & I won' t be surprised if she is also dating some other guyz beside you. This r/ship is unhealthy, the earlier you back off the better for you. Look for sm1 decent my brother.

~ 9 months ago gogoman said:
na ashewo you go carry, na wa ooooo

~ 9 months ago christianity said:
her surname is(payg)pay as you dont be surprised.

~ 9 months ago MOnkey said:
Celebrative Easter
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~ 9 months ago anoited1 said:
is the girl ur wife? u have to pay for any services, my broda she no be ur wif, stop complain, jesus is the only way out
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~ 8 months ago wallexey said:
they have said it all
Tell her never to come again she is not a good gal for you and when you don' t have money it means you are a gunner. Send her away with full anger. Warning don' t ever love her oo. I Don kuku tell you my own
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