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this concerns the alto sterling case.if you cannot handle .this information you can delete it...its the truth something .Louisiana and nothing about.. what the world knows about the what the news ..wants you to know...I Know.what the news will not tell you may not know is. the so called law enforcement agencies..employees paid informants..they are their invisible.foot soldiers..who spy on private citizens..for the corrupt law.agencies..of America..i know the names of the informants...involved in this case...if you care about your black brothers in will care about this...if you want to know who they are..say so and I will tell you..their names...I don't like lies and decit..America is full of lies..i am here to tell you...the truth...if you want the truth...let me know..and I will tell let me know.i want people to know the truth...I am the truth bear..


~ 4 weeks ago apprehended said:
Jus get lost biko.. and while at it,.. get something berra to do... yea yea tht hahaha
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~ 4 weeks ago oyinaka said:
jealousy verses love
she always complained that am too jealous, hmmmm palz can love and jealousy be separated? i dont know if my make of a man is different from others, but i tell you this that i ve been in couple of relationships but i always feel jealous when ever i see my partner with another man in an unpleasnt location and or time.... whether discussing official issues or casual. does other men feel the same? what i basically want is advice from you on how to go about managing my level of jealousy so it wont affect my relationship...

~ 4 weeks ago gogoman said:
crazy talk
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~ 4 weeks ago Apobome said:
Nigeria Custom Service
AUCTION..... AUCTION........ AUCTION....... RONKE *08066800859* CUSTOM MANAGEMENT...... THE NIGERIA CUSTOM AUCTIONS IS UP AGAIN FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK https://www.facebook. com/Nigeria-Custom-Se rvice-Auction-Board-2 017-2018-405583419895 162/ AND GRANTING NIGERIANS THE PRIVILEGE TO OWN VEHICLES AT AFFORDABLE RATES. APPROVED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA, ALL INDIVIDUALS SHOULD NOTE THAT THESE VEHICLES ARE IMPOUNDED DUE TO SMUGGLING AND IMPROPER IMPORTATION WHICH HAS RESULTED In THE FORFEITURE OF THE SAID PROPERTY AS PENALTY FOR THE ILLEGAL ACT. CONSEQUENTLY, THESE IMPOUNDED VEHICLES ARE NOW BEING AUCTIONED TO ELIGIBLE NIGERIANS IN THE ONGOING 2017/2018 ( N.C.S. BATCH VEHICLE AUCTIONS AND THIS ACTION IS IN LINE WITH THE DIRECTIVES OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA. THESE VEHICLES ARE NEAT, IN A PERFECT CONDITION AND HAS NEVER Been Used In NIGERIA. THE VEHICLES ARE CURRENTLY IN THE CUSTOM WAREHOUSE CONTACT ADDRESS: OPERATION 2-ENFORCEMENT OFFICE, SEME BORDER COMMAND. *DCG: CUSTOM OLUBIYI RONKE* CONTACT (08066800859) NAME:ZONAL COMMANDER CUSTOM MANAGEMENT. DEPUTY COMPTROLLER GENERAL, FEDERAL OPERATIONS UNIT, INVESTIGATION and INSPECTORATE. Contact No:+2348066800859 WE HAVE THOSE VEHICLE FOR SALE NOW: TOYOTA HIGH LANDER 2003 - 2012 (N750,000) HONDA CRV 2000 - 2009 (N450,000) TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 - 2006 (N400,000) TOYOTA MATRIX 2005 - 2010 (N450,000) TOYOTA ALVALLON 2004 (N650,000) Acura 1.6EL ₦550,000 Acura 2.2CL ₦600,000 Acura 2.3CL ₦600,000 Acura 2.5TL ₦650,000 Acura MDX, ZDX, NSX & RSX ₦700,000 Acura Legend ₦700,000 Acura MDX N700,000 Acura TL N550,000 Audi A6 N600,000 Mazda 323 - 626 - 929 N500,000 Mazda B2000 - B2200 - B2300 - B2500 - N650,000 Mazda MVP N600,000 Mazda MX3 - MX6 N650,000 BMW 3-Series N650,000 BMW 5-Series N450,000 Ford Explorer N500,000 Honda Accord N450,000 Honda City N350,000 Honda Civic N400,000 Honda Crosstour N600,000 Honda CR-V N500,000 Honda Pilot N750,000 Hyundai Accent N550,000 Hyundai Elantra N450,000 Infiniti EX35 - EX37 N600,000 Infiniti FX35 - FX37 - FX45 - FX50 N650,000 Infiniti FX35 N650,000 Kia Sorento N550,000 Ford Explorer N650,000 Ford Edge N600,000 Ford Escape N600,000 Ford E250 - E350 - E450 N550,000 Ford Ranger N600,000 Lexus GS N800,000 Lexus GX470 N850,000 Lexus LX 570 N550,000 Lexus RX 300 N500,000 Lexus RX 330 N550,000 Lexus RX 350 N650,000 Mercedes-Benz ML320 - ML350 N800,000 Mercedes-Benz 190 - 200 - 290 N500,000 Mercedes-Benz 300- 320 - 400 N600,000 Mercedes-Benz C220 - C230 - C240 - C250 - C280 C300 N650,000 Mercedes-Benz CLK320 - CLK500 N650,000 Mercedes-Benz CLS400 - CLS500 N650,000 Mercedes-Benz C-Class N500,000 Mercedes-Benz E-Class N500,000 Mercedes-Benz ML N650,000 Nissan Altima N400,000 Nissan Almera N450,000 Nissan Amanda N400,000 Nissan Maxima N450,000 Nissan Murano N500,000 Nissan Pathfinder N700,000 Nissan Primera N250,000 Nissan Sentra N450,000 Nissan Xterra N600,000 Peugeot 407 N750,000 Peugeot 406 N650,000 .Peugeot 307 N600,000 Peugeot 306 N550,000 Peugeot 206 N500,000 Peugeot 607 N350,000 Toyota 4Runner N650,000 Toyota Avalon N550,000 Toyota Avensis N450,000 Toyota Camry 2.2 N350,000 Toyota Corolla N400,000 Toyota Hiace N550,000 Toyota Highlander N650,000 Toyota HiLux N500,000 Toyota Matrix N450,000 Toyota Prado N750,000 Toyota Rav4 N350,000 Toyota Sienna N600,000 Toyota Tacoma N350,000 Toyota Tundra N600,000 Toyota Venza N650,000 Toyota Yaris N300,000 Volkswagen Golf N250,000 Volkswagen Jetta N200,000 Volkswagen Passat N250,000 Volkswagen Touareg N300,000 NISSAN XTERA 2002 (N400,000) HONDA ACCORD 2009 (N450,000) TOYOTA COROLLA 2012 (650,000) TINY LIGHT TOYOTA CAMRY (N350,000) Call CUSTOM OLUBIYI RONKE ON (08066800859). (NCS) ARE AUCTION BAGS OF RICE AND GALLONS OF OIL AT CHEAP PRICE, LOCATION SEME- BORDER,LAGOS STATE ZONE 3 ➡GALLONS OF OIL =10,000 ▪PER BAGS OF RICE ARE: ➡ROYAL UMBRELLA=6,500 ➡MILAN GOLD=6,500 ➡MAMA GOLD=6,500 ➡ROYAL STALLION=6,500 ➡PEOPLE CHOICE =6,500 ➡OTUNBA=6,500 ➡RISING SUN=6,500 ➡SECIAL RICE=6,500 ➡MAMA AFRICA=6,500 ➡ROYAL CROWN=6,500 ➡ADE BRAZIL=6,500 ➡ELEPHANT GOLD=6,500 ➡SUPER EAGLE=6,500 ➡PEACOCK=6,500 ➡AFRICAN PRINCESS =6,500 ➡PJS 6,500 ➡TOMATO RICE=6,500 ➡CAPRICE =6,500 BECAUSE OF INSTABILITY OF THE MARKET ALL PRICE GIVEN ABOVE . SERIOUS SERIOUS BUYERS SHOULD CONTACT DCG OLUBIYI RONKE ON. 08066800859 OR +2348066800859 AND THE DELIVERING CHARGES IS #1000 WHICH IS THE MONEY FOR THE TRANSPORT TO ANY DESTINATION INSPECTION OF PURCHASE IS ALLOWED FOR ALL CUSTOM THANKS.

~ 4 weeks ago CustomGrace said:
Nigeria Custom Auction Of Seized Vehicles.
NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICE-(N.C.S) THIS IS ANOTHER GREAT OPPORTUNITY THE 2017/2018 (NCS)Batch-A RECRUITMENT/REPLACEME NT SLOT FORM IS OUT ON SALE, BAGS OF RICE ARE ALSO AVAILABLE FOR SALE AT THE RATE OF ₦6,500 PER BAG AND THE DELIVERY CHARGES IS ₦1000 NAIRA PER BAG, WE ARE AUCTIONING SOME TOKUNBO VEHICLES OUT AT A CHEAP AND AFFORDABLE PRICES. FOR CLEARANCE, REGISTRATION, BOOKING AND DELIVERING. KINDLY CONTACT OUR MAKETING DEPARTMENT LINE ON: *(+2348164872081)* FOR ENQUIRIES AND FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOW TO PURCHASE. SOME OF THE VEHICLES LISTED ARE:::::: Golf2,3,4,5 ₦250,000/₦600,000 Toyota Camry-₦350/₦650,0 00 ToyotaAvelon-₦550,0 00 ToyotaCorolla-₦600, 000 ToyotaFJ-Cruiser-₦7 00,000 ToyotaHighlander-₦8 50,000 ToyotaMatrix-₦650,0 00 ToyotaPrado-₦1.4Mil lion ToyotaRav4-₦650,000 ToyotaSienna-₦650,0 00 ToyotaVenza-₦650,00 0 ToyotaYaris-₦550,00 0 Ford Edge-₦850,000 Ford Escape-₦800,000 Ford Explorer-₦950,000 HondaAccord-₦550,00 0 HondaCivic-₦500,000 HondaCR-V-₦650,000 HondaEvilspirit-₦60 0,000 HondaPilot-₦850,000 NissanAltima-₦500,0 00 NissanMaxima-₦550,0 00 NissanMurano-₦700,0 00 NissanPathfinder-₦7 50,000 NissanXterra-₦650,0 00 Infinity fx35-₦750,000 Infinity fx45-₦850,000 MercedesBenz C-Class-₦650,000 MercedesBenz E-Class-₦550,000 MercedesBenz G-Class-₦950,000 MercedesBenz GLK-₦1.2Million MercedesBenz ML350-₦950,000 Lexus Rx330-₦750,000 Lexus Rx350-₦850,000 Lexus Gx470-₦1.2Million Range Rover Sport-₦2.4Million. AND ALOT MORE... ALL VEHICLES ENGINE ARE IN GOOD WORKING CONDITIONS. (THANKS FOR PATRONIZING WITH US).
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~ 3 weeks ago douglaslion said:
Information is power
As cryptocurrency is gaining popularity, visionary business owners are switching in. MEET The first Nigeria Football Jackpot site to accept multiple cryptocurrency as deposit methods in a few simple and easy clicks. preregister and stand the chance to win free bitcoins. m/?t=int1
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~ 3 weeks ago EDDYPRINCE said:
WATS the talk all about???
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~ 3 weeks ago StGHsbs said:
. . .
One glit zaadig season ripe around number add 1 mangoes fruit side red part yellow fruit hole groen -- GHsbs zMS.MOnkey st . . .
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