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I am a single mother who has had to work really hard to give my only daughter a good life. Thankfully, God blessed the work of my hands and my food processing company now has branches all over the country. Lately, I have been thinking about planning my estate and writing a Will since I am now a grandmother. Naturally, the bulk of my assets will go to my daughter.

The problem is her husband. As it is, he basically lives off my daughter’s income and my goodwill. I am worried that he will squander everything I have worked hard for. Is there a way to bequeath my property to my daughter without her husband also having rights to them, especially as she now formally goes by his name?


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~ 2 weeks ago arsenal14 said:
Yes mir
I understood u clearly, but sorry, if your daughter already have children. Some should go for them. But how to go about that will be left for ur mind to decide the percentage
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~ 2 weeks ago EDDYPRINCE said:
Wat I will say here is that you are just assuming the husband will squander everything coz now he basically lives on your daughter, and u have companies all over the country, why not engage your son in law into your business now so u can actually know if he can squander or not. Help the young man to be who u want him to be and will whatever to your only surviving daughters and her family. When you get them involve then u will be rest assured your property is in safe hands. Goodluck
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~ 2 weeks ago K01abinibi said:
stingy woman, will your assets to SOS
some females are just stingy. if it is the son in-law that owe so much money there wont be an offense if your daughter inherit him even after his death. This is how you prepare your daughter to live seperated in her marriage. i smell another broken home. stingy woman, will your assets to SOS

~ 1 week ago Naijacontacts247 said:
Very interesting.
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~ 3 days ago smusher said:
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