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Happy Sunday everyone, something has been bothering me, It's going to 2 months now since I gave birth to my first child, de tin is dat i don't want my breast to fall bcos my boyfriend hate flat breast, he said dat i should not allow my breast to fall and how are mine supposed to do dat, I'm breastfeeding and my baby only accept breast milk, what do I do? I don't want my breast to fall, he will be cheating on me when my breast become flat and I dont think he will find me attractive anymore, plz what will I do? Thanks


~ 1 week ago silverbirdng said:
How are you my baby? Still feeling the vibes. Do u really want to talk to me? Well if you do you can email me. Kisses! Whitney housten: I will alway' s love you ! My baby, Muaaahhhhh!...

~ 1 week ago apprehended said:
U married a marraphoka hohohaha
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~ 1 week ago osalove247 said:
Sorry to say
Your boy friend is not a reasonable person, he shouldn't have said that. Did he follow you because of love or your breast, didn't he know that before making you a mother? You have to watch out and plan your life very well my dear.

~ 3 days ago ifarele60 said:
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