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Please I need your advice!
I have a widowed sister who lost her husband a year ago. she has 4 kids ( 2 girls and 2 boys) aged between 18 and 9 years old to care for now and her husbands gratuity just got paid to her. She has asked me to advice her on what kind of business do with the money and i don't want to miss guide her on this, so i have come to this platform to seek better heads for advice on this.

kindly advice on what sought of business N 500,000 can do that would can bring a good turnover on daily trade. please be nice as u reply.

thank you.


~ 6 days ago donslmnstvn said:
My dear,
I think your sister should critically think about the business she feels she can effortlessly do or have passion for that will fetch her money, she should look for environmental advantage where the business can be well situated. I will suggest she engages in a supermarket business in a good place where such business can thrive. If she doesn' t know how to go about it then she should get someone into the same business and learn from him/her for at least for 6months/a year before she can start up her own

~ 4 days ago Atom007 said:
Daily business
What I mean is daily consumption business is d best in Nigeria for now. Been food either raw or cooked, recharge cards, among others that people must used in a pays

~ 2 days ago apprehended said:
Are u asking me? Is this a godam confession or wht?? Here' s confession godamitt! Gerrourahere!!!
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