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this concerns the alto sterling case.if you cannot handle .this information you can delete it...its the truth something .Louisiana and nothing about.. what the world knows about the what the news ..wants you to know...I Know.what the news will not tell you may not know is. the so called law enforcement agencies..employees paid informants..they are their invisible.foot soldiers..who spy on private citizens..for the corrupt law.agencies..of America..i know the names of the informants...involved in this case...if you care about your black brothers in will care about this...if you want to know who they are..say so and I will tell you..their names...I don't like lies and decit..America is full of lies..i am here to tell you...the truth...if you want the truth...let me know..and I will tell let me know.i want people to know the truth...I am the truth bear..


~ 8 months ago apprehended said:
Jus get lost biko.. and while at it,.. get something berra to do... yea yea tht hahaha
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~ 8 months ago oyinaka said:
jealousy verses love
she always complained that am too jealous, hmmmm palz can love and jealousy be separated? i dont know if my make of a man is different from others, but i tell you this that i ve been in couple of relationships but i always feel jealous when ever i see my partner with another man in an unpleasnt location and or time.... whether discussing official issues or casual. does other men feel the same? what i basically want is advice from you on how to go about managing my level of jealousy so it wont affect my relationship...

~ 8 months ago gogoman said:
crazy talk
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~ 8 months ago CustomGrace said:
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~ 8 months ago douglaslion said:
Information is power
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~ 8 months ago EDDYPRINCE said:
WATS the talk all about???
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~ 8 months ago StGHsbs said:
. . .
One glit zaadig season ripe around number add 1 mangoes fruit side red part yellow fruit hole groen -- GHsbs zMS.MOnkey st . . .
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