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After breaking up with my partner, I find it difficult to find a lady that is genuinely ready to settle down. Most ladies I come across say they are ready to settle down but their actions don't seem so. All they are after is material gains. I am not a stingy guy but when i notice that a lady is materialistic it wards me off in that relationship. I wouldn't mind a caring, bible believing christian who is ready to settle down soonest. Marriage is no tea party and I dont want to have children that are from a broken home. I am patiently waiting for the right one.
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How do you advise a man who has been in financial crisis here and there and got to find out that the wife had a huge amount of money without even rendering no assistance to him?
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Hello guys please can you people tell me what this app is about?
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I am a young man of 35years, I want to settle down but my parents are not in agreement with me on the lady I'm bringing to them because of tribe, I'm ibo and the lady is from akwa ibom. Now what do I do.
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I dated my wife officially for 3 years before marriage even as I have known her for nine years or so. We met during my service In Kaduna in 2012.
Earlier this year we got married, around June, we moved back to Lagos to start our life as a young couple. Now the issue is that before we got married,her uncle secure a job for her at Airforce base as civilian staff with 40k salary in kaduna as she live and grow up there in KD. I seriously kicked against this job because I stay in Lagos.
Now as soon as we move to Lagos after marriage in June ,she reported to work in kaduna the following month hoping to get transfer to Lagos base.The transfer didnt come to success, less she stay put in Kd in her friends house. I am staying alone all through this period.
Mind you I also work with Gokada with 90k salary per month. My wife have left me in disarray. I notice they have less activity going in their school because she stay indoor all through yet she won't listen to my plea to return to Lagos.
I notice her sister is supporting her. I think its because I am not financially buoyant enough reason for all this mess in my life.
I was promised by her family that after marriage she would be transfer yet nothing happen til now. I am in lag, my wife is in kaduna. Unbearable, at this point I am going places I should not be going. My pals any word of advice on what to do? My heart Is heavy now
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