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I'm currently 23 and I got into my very first relationship two months ago. As it currently stands, I've made up my mind to end the relationship.
This girl is stubborn! She raises her voice at me at any given chance. I'm a calm guy, yet this lady doesn't appreciate the fact that I don't raise my voice at her or use abusive words on her.

It seems ladies do not appreciate guys who respect them. I'm done being nice.
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Good morning pals.. Pls I need an interpretation on this, I always dream seeing myself in my secondary school or wit my class, pls help
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I am scared of asking my boyfriend for money because I don’t want him to leave me. We have dated for 3 years now and I have never in my life asked him for money, he just gives me anything and anytime he likes and I appreciate and say thank you.
I try so hard to make it work because he kept lamenting on how his girlfriend was a gold digger and all that, even when I am dying in need I won’t ask I rather borrow even tho I know he has it . So yesterday I saw his phone and went through his chat and realized one particular number he has been cheating with , went on whatssap and saw dirty chats , so I went to his text messages and saw credit alert to one particular name , over 1.3 million in 2 months but I can tell you that over 2 years of our relationship he has only giving me money 3 times and it was 10k, 7k and 25k .
Now I see him send money to another woman . Hon I feel hurt I want to hurt him so bad. Make him cry and wish to die . Hon what can I do, I want him to give me and he must or I will hurt him
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My girlfriend is very very silly, I rented that apartment for her before I lost my job, I bought everything in that house, I was leaving in my company apartment so when I was sacked they took everything including my car cause I had no personal car of my own then I had to put up with my girlfriend for the time and her attitude has been so shitty, can you believe this girl asked me to wash plate and clean the house when she is off to work ,and if I don’t she will nag and give me the insults of my life , I will just ignore . Sometimes I have to go put up with my friends or pay for a cheap hotel just to have my peace and I don’t my friends to know my predicament until I sort myself out. So yesterday she was on one long call and as soon as she was done she just entered the kitchen and came out asking me to go wash the plate, I ignored her and she repeated it, I ignored her and the next thing was that she went into the kitchen and got one of the plate with water and there it at me , I went mad and beat her almost to death , ended up rushing her to the hospital and she is still here now .
Naijapals I have paid her hospital bills but I am planing on kicking her out of this house since I paid the rent and the landlord knows me well, I paid in her name tho but they take instructions from me, even the gate man knows I am her man and I charge .
I am done with the relationship now I know she was in it just for the benefit, it not even up to 6 months I lost my job and she is acting stupid .
What do u all suggest ? I know o will be fine .
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please I would love to share something depressing me right now, I and my fiancee have been dating for over a year plus now, just last year December I went to see her people and started the traditional rights for marriage, we are both currently on marriage counselling. Now the issue at hand, 3 weeks ago we had a fight and my fiancee almost called it off, if not for pleas from me, the issue was because I had not heard from her until I called her around 12pm on that day, things got out of hand I said a few things which I later apologised for but she wasn't having it she insisted on breaking up. We made up and carried on, just yesterday we went for a wedding, we had a really nice time and all, on our way out from the reception hall, she was walking along side me all of sudden I realised she wasn't with me anymore, I looked back only to find her talking with another guy, I wasn't happy, I told her at least she would have recognised her presence even if she dint want to introduce me she would told Mr before just leaving me like that....we settled when we got home, a call came In from a female friend who has been making advances at me, she was complaining that I don't give her attention...I showed my girl the message she took the phone from me and decided to start scrolling tru my messages and wanted to read a chat with one of my male friends of which I objected to because he one time told me sensitive things about his family which he pleaded with me yo be confidential, now my girl accuses me that I'm hiding something from her, her altitude has changed, she's acting like she doesn't care about the relationship anymore. This is someone ive stood by and supported her even now she is yet to find a job, she says I go tru her phone and don't want her to go tru mine....secondly please I want to know, is it normal fora girl to chat a guy up and start reminding him of the agape love she had for him, even telling him that they should post him to the US so she can use him to come to america without possibly having anything in mind....this is what I found in her phone the last time I went through it.
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