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My girlfriend is very very silly, I rented that apartment for her before I lost my job, I bought everything in that house, I was leaving in my company apartment so when I was sacked they took everything including my car cause I had no personal car of my own then I had to put up with my girlfriend for the time and her attitude has been so shitty, can you believe this girl asked me to wash plate and clean the house when she is off to work ,and if I don’t she will nag and give me the insults of my life , I will just ignore . Sometimes I have to go put up with my friends or pay for a cheap hotel just to have my peace and I don’t my friends to know my predicament until I sort myself out. So yesterday she was on one long call and as soon as she was done she just entered the kitchen and came out asking me to go wash the plate, I ignored her and she repeated it, I ignored her and the next thing was that she went into the kitchen and got one of the plate with water and there it at me , I went mad and beat her almost to death , ended up rushing her to the hospital and she is still here now .
Naijapals I have paid her hospital bills but I am planing on kicking her out of this house since I paid the rent and the landlord knows me well, I paid in her name tho but they take instructions from me, even the gate man knows I am her man and I charge .
I am done with the relationship now I know she was in it just for the benefit, it not even up to 6 months I lost my job and she is acting stupid .
What do u all suggest ? I know o will be fine .
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I am a 28 years single mom of 4kids(2 boys and 2gurls). I'll go straight to my point.. I met this guy sometime last year during my divorce and right now the guys is deeply in love with me.. I say he and not we because for me I'm on and off with moods swings and anger and pain from the previous relationship.. So I'm not 100percent certain of how I feel but I sincerely like the guy.. My fear is why will a young man of 32 be so much in love with me? I've done everything to chase him away, sometimes I keep offence over little things deliberately to scare him off, sometimes I got mood swings, sometimes I really love him and sometimes I ask him to leave but he's insistent that I am the woman for him.. He's not just said this to me countlessly but he has shown it.. The way he loves me I have never ever seen, he's introduced me to his siblings and I met some of them.. He's parents knows about how much he's willing to go with me and they are expecting me to visit them soon.. He's always interested in my growth and wants me to achieve a lot.. He's so so so so so proud of me, never fails to show me off to the world..Hes support me in his little way and with prayers.. He keeps telling me how he wants to prove to me that there are still good and faithful men out there and with the help of God he will make me happy.. He's patient, caring and just too nice to me, so nice that I wonder if I even deserve this.. He making plans, good plans, was ready to relocate me to the states but I refused cos I wasn't ready to leave my kids.. I've asked him,what will happen if his parents finds out about my previous status.. His answer dazed me.. He said first he doesn't want anyone to know and so that no one discourages him or insults me or disrespect me and he's more concerned about me and wants to make sure I get total respect from his ppl.. He said and he's willing to pay only my dowry and skip the traditional party to avoid hearsay and then we both can relocate and stay far away to avoid gossip and if his parents finally get to hear about my past, then we'd be far gone in the marriage and who knows I'll have a baby for him then...
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Good morning my brothers & sisters,

Please I know my write up is very lengthy, please help me to take your time to go thru it as I am depressed. God bless u.

I & my husband has been traditionally & legally married for 3 years now, and we have been hoping on God for the fruit of the womb.

However, my issue goes like this. My hubby has been out of job for the past two years and few months, doing this period, I have been the one managing the affair of the house irrespective of my family that also depend on me.

During this period, we quarrel a lot because whenever I give him ideas on what I think can fetch him money, he will feel relax and ignore my ideas to the extent that oneday I have to voice out my mind to him rudely, which I still went back to kneel down beg to him. I beg him severally because I am a free minded person.

There was a day my pastor told him to send his CV, my hubby refused to send it. I have to plead with my hubby to send the CV which he eventually said I should send it myself and he still didn’t follow up the CV sent.

I also advise him to further his education, because he is not a graduate (but he is very sound), he pick up a quarrel with me regarding that.

I ensure there is food at home and sometimes when I have enough fund, I do send money to his account so that he can get something for himself, many things I can’t recur.

1st week of December 2018, I took him to a prayer house, they saw vision that my hubby is a great person and that someone is blocking him. The pastor anoint & pray for him.

4th week of December 2018, my hubby got a call for a construction job in Ogun state which he traveled on the 28th Dec. 2018 and uptill now my hubby is not back home.

He picks my calls whenever he feels like, he read my chart sometimes without response. I can barely say since he travelled, we haven’t spoken for like 3 to 4 times.

I keep asking him in what way have I wronged him and even apologies for what I know nothing about. He keeps sending chart to me that is my attitude. I responded to him that for the past 2 years and few months u have been out of job and is not that he has gotten a job that my attitude has suddenly changed.

I have been begging him and even asked him severally if I should visit where he is, he refused.

My family are aware of what is happening and I have communicated with his family too about this, it seems they are not taking it serious.

Kindly advise me on steps I need to take, I am getting tried. I will be 30years in May 2019.

Please don’t mind my grammar above, I am in pains.

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My wife and my neighbor had a heated argument that led to a very big fight this early morning, when I saw the fight coming, I asked my wife to go inside and she refused, the next was a slap from my neighbor and her daughter, I tried to separate but they beat my wife silly and I could not do anything because I am sleeping with my neighbor daughter and I was handicapped.

Naijapals I felt so bad, I could not touch her Mum or her to avoid drama I just watched them beat up my wife until I was able to take her out before they kill her . It was so bad I rushed her to the hospital, my wife is insisting we go to the police and report so that they don’t come back again , I refused and she insisted and called me a weak man, she called me Diffetent names but non I know if I go to the police station with her, I will just cast and this girl I am sleeping with is just 16 years but 16 years wey tear eyes o, because she was the one who came at me so don’t even accuse me of rape or anything. Please how do I handle this without getting trapped . I love my wife and I am a disgrace to this that she is pregnant. But she is just 4weeks gone and the doc said the baby is safe . NP how do I fight for my wife .
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Okay so i met this guy recently. We get along quite well but the problem is intimacy. I explained to him that i wouldn't like to get intimate with any man until marriage. I told him about how my last experience (which was actually my first) didn't go well. My last relationship was filled with Promises and sweet talks, my defenses was broken and the fact that I was naive made it alot easier to be fooled... at the end of the day i realised those things were just said and done just for the sake of sexual intimacy and nothing more. About this new guy now, he goes on about how much he loves me and says although he might not be expressive enough in showing it but he really loves me. He said he wishes to start a family with me and he's waiting for me to be ready so we'll give birth to cute kids together (he says that both jokingly and seriously).. Recently, i stayed a day over at his place, he tried getting intimate, i resisted.. and then he said with a smile "okay no problem, it's not all about sex tho" we were cool, we cuddled and slept off and then i left the next day.. when i got home, i thanked him over the phone, for having me at his place (that was the first time i spent the night). His reply "it's your house too dear"..(i told him not to tease me and he said he wasn't teasing and that he really meant it, when i said i doubt if he truly likes me that much, he said "okay")... ever since then, he's been acting a bit weird and strange.. he ignored my call twice, replies my message a bit differently. i feel really bad. i love this guy so much, i don't make it obvious tho but i really wish things could work out between us and eventually lead to marriage. i know he's a really nice guy, he has this very good personality that draws me to him and he's not Lazy, but right now I'm so worried and scared. What if i give in and things don't go well? What if he's just being nice for the sex and all.. cos Whenever I'm about to leave after a visit, he doesn't hug or kiss me outside to say goodbye.. he says he's not into PDA (public display of affection).. i can't even differentiate anymore and i really can't stand the hear
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