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After breaking up with my partner, I find it difficult to find a lady that is genuinely ready to settle down. Most ladies I come across say they are ready to settle down but their actions don't seem so. All they are after is material gains. I am not a stingy guy but when i notice that a lady is materialistic it wards me off in that relationship. I wouldn't mind a caring, bible believing christian who is ready to settle down soonest. Marriage is no tea party and I dont want to have children that are from a broken home. I am patiently waiting for the right one.
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My husband does not open car door for me .. I miss your platform and I hope you post this , I love growth and very proud to be a member . I want advice please I beg you post for me .
Since I was born no man has ever opened car door for me in my life, I see it in movies but not experienced it before. I have dated o we 7 guys and finally am married and my husband will never open car door for me . Even if I ask he will say don’t I have hands, I feel so bad. I want to be loved and the only thing I ask is to open a car door and make me feel special . The car is my car but we drive it together and I even pay most of our bills yet he won’t pamper me like a woman . The painful part was when he opened the door for my friend when we went to pick her to church and when I asked him he said she was on high heels and carrying a Bible and bag . I want it so bad , I want him to just open the car door for me and make me feel special. It’s not too much to ask how do I make him do it .
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I am a lady in my mid thirty. I trust men with all of my Heart but it seems I am making a big mistake. I have been dealt with by men and it hurts me so much. I decided that i won't trust any man again in my life. I want a genuine advice on how to love a man without hurting myself because I have a tender heart.
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Please I need some advice..hide my identity
i have reached the marriage age and God been so Good have met my husband to the problem is my father who is afraid to lose me to another man.. I am the only girl,I have two brothers one is older than me..but he has this thing that they would spend his is like I take care of fiancee lives in Accra I'm in if i get Married I will move to my families and his families knows was going on except my dad..even my mum is afraid to tell fiancee wants to meet my dad but I'm scared he would reject him sake of I will leave him soon..
please what should I do?
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Hello everyone, please I need your advice on this one, I have bin heartbroken before by a girl I really loved, she was a virgin and we vowed to keep it a no sex till marriage relationship, long story short, she slept with another guy and ended up falling in love with him and she broke up with me, it really hurt me for 3 years, now I found another girl whom I really love again, and I can tell she's into me too, the problem now is that she wants a no sex till marriage relationship cos she's a virgin, of which I really love her and I can do that for her, but am scared of repeating the same mistake I made before, I mean we do kiss and romance and do all crazy things but when it comes to the penetration part she halts me, I really love her but I don't want what happened to me few years ago to repeat itself, pls what then do I do
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