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.I love my wife so much she been with me through thick and thin,I listen to her a lot.we had a very heated argument on Friday night cause I was out late just with a guy friend she knows about and I haven’t done that in a very long while,I got home and we entered into a very serious argument. i tried walking away more than twice but she kept dragging me to the floor,I couldn’t hold back the third time and I stood up I was frustrated so I hit her back I need to know if I have done something wrong and if I need to say sorry to her or call a family meeting we been together for 8years.i can’t even concentrate cos I laid my hands on her and I have promised myself never to lay hands in my woman.please I need to know if I’m wrong By hitting her back cause she did it first more than once.This is the first time such thing is happening she even left me bruises on my face before I hit her back I have evidence.Please post this and keep me anonymous I need to read comments..We have two kids really pained and devastated for hitting her I’m I wrong or I need to apologize I haven’t been with any other woman since 7years.she’s all i have.
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My son who is 34 years old called to tell me that his wife of 2 years is encouraging him to write his Will. I’ve tried to wrap my head around it. I, his father who is 70 have not written a Will and this young woman is telling my son to. Should I be worried? My wife is already painting scary scenarios that cause us to suspect our daughter-in-law. But she been nothing but good to us. Please reply.
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My wife and my neighbor had a heated argument that led to a very big fight this early morning, when I saw the fight coming, I asked my wife to go inside and she refused, the next was a slap from my neighbor and her daughter, I tried to separate but they beat my wife silly and I could not do anything because I am sleeping with my neighbor daughter and I was handicapped.

Naijapals I felt so bad, I could not touch her Mum or her to avoid drama I just watched them beat up my wife until I was able to take her out before they kill her . It was so bad I rushed her to the hospital, my wife is insisting we go to the police and report so that they don’t come back again , I refused and she insisted and called me a weak man, she called me Diffetent names but non I know if I go to the police station with her, I will just cast and this girl I am sleeping with is just 16 years but 16 years wey tear eyes o, because she was the one who came at me so don’t even accuse me of rape or anything. Please how do I handle this without getting trapped . I love my wife and I am a disgrace to this that she is pregnant. But she is just 4weeks gone and the doc said the baby is safe . NP how do I fight for my wife .
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For my discovered, best gift to earn me money, my wife must agree with the job. But my wife has a job which is at Cross purposes with my job. I'm the biggest asset she needs for her business to flourish, and she is the only person that must agree to work with me in my line of interest. That means if I lend my expertise for her business, she will still be seen as the owner. If she agrees to be with me in my field, her business will go down.

After back and forth arguments, I have realized that heaven will rather fall, wife won't support my business to leave hers behind. If she doesn't support mine, I won't go far in the business; if I fully support hers, she will own the business.

We will need many years to build her business before it can support a family. My own is currently supporting the family. Does that mean I married a wrong person?

What seems like a solution is if I can find another job that won't affect her business. But the only thing I like most is what I'm doing currently.
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is it my duty as a wife to dress the bed ?
Because my husband is beginning to get on my nerves, he is getting me so mad and if I react it can be bloody . Every time he wakes up he leave me to dress the bed and he will just go to work , I am tired of doing it because I work too not like I am not busy or jobless this is becoming a crazy habit .so today I intentionally refused to dress the bed and we just got back from work, the next thing he did was call me lazy and started throwing out the sheets from the bed, I just ignored him and went to the guest room and this is were I will be till Moro . Since nobody can dress the bed let us sleep in another room , he is crazy .
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