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I was jobless for 3 years until I ran to a church which I will not mention the name ,they asked me to fast and pray which I did . They asked me to write my dream job and company,which I did .
Note that I have been writing exams and sending my cv to the company but no response so after I went to the church,2 months later I got a good offer in that company.
My pastor made me promise to give him half of my salary every month which I agreed out of excitement,and then I had no responsibility .
I kept my pledge,for 1 year and 3 months until I got married and my wife got pregnant and responsibilities pailed up .
So I missed 4 months of giving him the money then he started swearing for me .
Every day he will call me and be swearing that if I don't give him his money that I will loose my job and suffer for the rest of my life .
Naijapals, I want to give him the money but responsibility is too much . I have even pleaded with him to reduce it but he said it must be half my salary which he know how much I earn.
Do I call his bluff and move on ! Will is curses work .
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How can i successfully approach a girl am in love with because am a shy type and i don't really know things to say
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is it my duty as a wife to dress the bed ?
Because my husband is beginning to get on my nerves, he is getting me so mad and if I react it can be bloody . Every time he wakes up he leave me to dress the bed and he will just go to work , I am tired of doing it because I work too not like I am not busy or jobless this is becoming a crazy habit .so today I intentionally refused to dress the bed and we just got back from work, the next thing he did was call me lazy and started throwing out the sheets from the bed, I just ignored him and went to the guest room and this is were I will be till Moro . Since nobody can dress the bed let us sleep in another room , he is crazy .
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I like to share my testimony here. I have been Suicidal for several years. But I made up mind to get it done this year in fact this month so I fixed a date with all poisons and substance very ready and prepare but I told God that he got to do something before the date to show he don't want me die that way. I have been fasting and praying before but this few fast and praying before my demise made a difference. The Affliction that resulted this seems to disappear a day to the deadline. I kind hhhmm so God was waiting till I am ready to give it all up and die finally before I am healed? Wow its awesome though am still watching it and have my sniper bottles anywhere I go just in case it shows up again.
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My son who is 34 years old called to tell me that his wife of 2 years is encouraging him to write his Will. I’ve tried to wrap my head around it. I, his father who is 70 have not written a Will and this young woman is telling my son to. Should I be worried? My wife is already painting scary scenarios that cause us to suspect our daughter-in-law. But she been nothing but good to us. Please reply.
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