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I think am very stupid and selfish person. Am a serving corper, married and my husband just found out today that they are paying me 30K in my PPA. I lied to him that they are not paying me and he believed it and placed me on monthly payment. He has been an awesome hubby ever since we got married last year. We have been best of friends and we promised not to lie or hide anything. I don't even know what led me not to tell him the truth. I guess I was listening to a friend's advice. Naijapals he saw all the alerts and was so furious and since morning he not returned nor answer my calls. I tried to explain to him but he left and the only thing he said was that I don't value the friendship we shared in this marriage. Naijapals am so confused right now. I just hope that not talking to me is the punishment for not telling him the truth, I don't want it to result to something else. My husband don't keep late night but I haven't seen him since he left house this morning. Pls what do I do. I just need him back here i promise not to lie ever again
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hello my pals...
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Good Afternoon to all great IQ in relationship and romances in the house.
Am in LOVE with a lady and she also loves me too. But i had a challenge with her. She used to tell me that am not ROMANTIC WITH WORDS and she would smile politely.
This gives me alot of concern. Pls what are the best romantic words and how can i go about it?
Pls i need your Advice. Thanks a lot.
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My boyfriend also likes my sister, I think we can share him then dump him. I'm smart
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hello ladies only, what is an average size of penis?, is it 5,6,7inch long?, pls i need a precise answer and not for all ds small small boys dt knows how to insult on every confession, thanks
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