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You all know the rain has been very heavy lately , so this morning I told my husband to give me his car to go to the market but he said he had a meeting, I I jumped Keke, went to the market, on my way to the bus stop rain met me, that heavy rain that just starts pouring without sign, and in few min I was so wet, no where to run to because all the buildings were far and I was carrying a heavy bag too so I just stood and allow the rain hit me. Then a car just stopped for me and I did not even look I just jumped into the back sit wet like that . Before I looked up to see the man and apologized for wetting his car. My house was so far from his destination, and he had to put off the Ac for me because I was so cold , so he suggested I get to his house that is just 3 minutes drive , change then he will drop me. I was wondering how he will get the dress then he said we could just stop by at a boutique, we did and he bought me a dress I changed then moved to the front sit, I don’t know what happened he said he wants to give his house boy instructions, I went with him, he asked I come in I did and sat down . By then the dress he bought me was wet too because my bra and underwear was wet so as I sat down it socked the dress , you could see my nipples standing I don’t wear padded bra and my boobs are so big .
I don’t just know how it happened I landed on his bed and we made love so bad without protecting and the cold , just like that this man raped me . I felt so much shame and when we finished he just gave me 5 k to pick a cab home that he is tired of driving . I told him to call his house not to help me get a cab and he said the boy is busy . That was how I shamelessly carried my bag of shame, put my panties in my hand bag and still went under sane rain to get a cab , this rain beat me for almost 19 mins and no cab allowed me in because I was wet, I had to just call my husband and he asked me to just look for any shelter and wait that he was coming , he got to me in 20 minutes and took me home, I felt so bad when my husband rushed me from the sitting room and started sucking me, the imagination
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My boyfriend engaged me last night and I said yes and as soon as he slipped the ring into my finger, he said and I quote.
Baby, I will satisfy you for the rest of your life, make you a woman, fuck your brains out and never cheat on you, but the only thing I will not be able to give you is money . I have dated his for 2 years with only good sex and no money, I work hard as a woman and I make money am very comfortable even if not rich and he does nothing , actually he said he hates to work so he just does minor yahoo for fun . He has small change, he has a car not like he is poor but he does not have money . He said we will just do a court marriage nothing loud and live happily. My question is, can sex make me happy for the rest of my life? Since I can provide for my self.
I desperately need advise because we are going to court on Thursday. My parents are late so I don’t have close family or friends.

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My husband is seriously cheating on me and I have hardcore evidences,I got to know through one page on IG,they guy charged me just 2k and he thought me how to hack my husband WhatsApp.infact the things I read shocked me to the extent I started laughing,as in serious laugh o.
As a Shapiro,I didn’t confront him,I didn’t ask him anything,I played along wella.
There is this guy that has been on my case for two years now,we stay in osapa London lekki ,that’s how I called this guy and started flirting with him, I have officially started cheating and it feels good husband wants to die oo cos my attitude lately is turninoninown ooo,the attitude dey give a.m. headache,I don’t ask him for money,I don’t ask him what’s for breakfast,lunch dinner,the most shocking is that I don’t even bother to spend the money he drops for me and the children’s upkeep .
This my boyfriend likes me wella though We know it’s not love but we are enjoying each other.i am even thinking of going with him to d Maldives this valentine
My husband will never recover by the time I am done with he’s scared monitoring me up and down,asking questions,doesn’t stay out late again,his phone is now open no more password
Life is good
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I discovered yesterday that my fiancee had an abortion without telling me. She spent about 3 weeks in my house last year March and on a particular day we had unprotected sex. The following morning, I gave her money to buy Postinor before leaving for work. She bought and took it, in my presence and I did not touch her again before she left my house.

The following month (April 2018), she left for NYSC camp. After camp, she came back the following month, I saw her briefly before she finally left for service. Meanwhile, all this time she was pregnant for me and she never told me. She knows I am strongly against abortion, besides why will I ask a girl I love and planning to marry to abort my baby.

Sometime around June last year, we had issues and she broke up with me. We got back together May this year. I have so many questions right now on my head and sincerely I don't even know how I am feeling right now.

And I am wondering how come she got pregnant even after taking emergency pill (Postinor) ?

And why would a woman abort a baby for a man that is willing to take full responsibility of the pregnancy and even marry her? She claims she wasn't ready to have a baby then.
The most painful part of this whole thing is she hiding it from me because she knows I would never have allowed her to have the abortion.
I don't even know if I want to continue with the marriage plans anymore, because I feel so deceived.’
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Something is bothering me a lot and I need some reviews and advice from you and audience
I'm in a very serious relationship for 2 years now, if not perfect but we're both putting on so much effort to be perfect to each other.
My girlfriend ask me to get her undies, which I told her that I never imagined myself going to shop to get female undies and that I never done that before but she insisted and I got not such than to grant her wants.
I went to a shop and got her the undies, which she was very happy about
But later on, one faithful day we're engage in a conversation and she mentioned that am not romantic that I went to the market instead of getting her sexy undies, i got just normal undies, that next time I should try and be romantic and a recent guy, i felt real bad with those word even though she said she was just being a jerk that it's was just a joke, But I still can't stop feeling like it really meant something, I just can't explain how I feeling, please I need some help over this to know if I should not feel the way am feeling now
Thanks I will be in the comment section
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