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I don’t know why .
I don’t want to marry her and I don’t want her to be With another man, I find myself upset each time I see her with another, I will be so angry and sometimes I go as far as causing problems once I see she is in a relationship or I see any man around her . I don’t know if I love her but I don’t think I want to marry or date her . I just want her to be with me alone , maybe as a best friend but why do I get angry.
We are not dating, we are just friends and I don’t feel anything for her, I want to be in her life but yet I want to be out, I have a girlfriend but she is not angry when I am with her but I am angry when she is with them . My body is paining me from the last work out
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Okay so I have this amazing boyfriend living abroad that has been nothing short of a dream. He takes care of me, sends me money regularly and he's just been there, my pillar and my rock while I, on the other hand is still in school. My question is this, how do you be the 'perfect' lady for this kind of man? These days I feel sad cos I bring nothing to the table. Don't get me wrong, I am intelligent, I talk to him everyday even with the crazy time difference, I make him laugh and I listen to him but I feel like that's not enough. What more can I bring to the table to show I appreciate him. I can't send him money, I don't even have enough myself as I am not working yet, I can't give him mind blowing sex, he's far away. Please what can I give to make it balanced? Should I send him prayers everyday? Should I send appreciative messages once in a week? What should I do abeg, this man deserves it and more.

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