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I just put to bed 3 weeks ago and I have my Mother-in-law with me for “Omugwo”. She’s really a nice person except that she’s beginning to really get in my nerves.

I recently started expressing breast milk for my bay for freezer storage (i use a manual breast pump). How this work’s is whenever baby is hungry, which is usually every 15 minutes, his milk will be warmed and fed to him. And this also helps train him to use the feeding bottle since I’m on the exclusive plan.

(sorry for the long story) my main issue now is that my MIL has been drinking my baby’s breast milk and its so annoying. Its usually not easy to express the milk and this woman will just open freezer and be using my hard earned breast milk to drink tea and pap. The annoying thing is that, there’s milk in the house, but she would rather use my breast milk!

I spoke to her about it and all she could do is just laugh it off and said “who no like better thing”. I have also spoken to my hubby who also spoke to her all to no avail. Please how do I handle this, I’m really getting pissed and i don’t want to be rude to her. Please advise and keep me anonymous.


~ 3 months ago MOnkey said:
One is good as one. One nerve good as one extent. zMS
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~ 3 months ago apprehended said:
Yo.. ur in big big trouble son,.. theres fire on tha mountain,.. Call the police!!! Again is she normal..? She gotta be going thru periodic brain freez hahaha. Call 911!!!
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~ 2 months ago MOnkey said:
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~ 2 months ago MOnkey said:
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~ 2 months ago do4sure said:
The baby, the granny and soon the son will join the rush for the sweet milk. Get a small chest freezer with padlock and keep the expressed milk under lock and key.

~ 2 months ago daffjeri said:
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~ 1 month ago flashy222 said:
do4sure has said it. at list the freezer is not that expensive. you could get it and put in your room. hmmm na everybody they drink you breast milk. you are lucky oh.
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