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My girlfriend is very very silly, I rented that apartment for her before I lost my job, I bought everything in that house, I was leaving in my company apartment so when I was sacked they took everything including my car cause I had no personal car of my own then I had to put up with my girlfriend for the time and her attitude has been so shitty, can you believe this girl asked me to wash plate and clean the house when she is off to work ,and if I don’t she will nag and give me the insults of my life , I will just ignore . Sometimes I have to go put up with my friends or pay for a cheap hotel just to have my peace and I don’t my friends to know my predicament until I sort myself out. So yesterday she was on one long call and as soon as she was done she just entered the kitchen and came out asking me to go wash the plate, I ignored her and she repeated it, I ignored her and the next thing was that she went into the kitchen and got one of the plate with water and there it at me , I went mad and beat her almost to death , ended up rushing her to the hospital and she is still here now .
Naijapals I have paid her hospital bills but I am planing on kicking her out of this house since I paid the rent and the landlord knows me well, I paid in her name tho but they take instructions from me, even the gate man knows I am her man and I charge .
I am done with the relationship now I know she was in it just for the benefit, it not even up to 6 months I lost my job and she is acting stupid .
What do u all suggest ? I know o will be fine .


~ 6 months ago apprehended said:
Idiot, u be fool. Get outta here before i open my eyes, fatigue buffalo hahaha.

~ 6 months ago walterk15 said:
hey man read this carefully
well it is good that something like this just happened and now you know the kind of person that u thought was going to be the special one. look hope u were able to have done something this similar for your siblings and parents and some good friends, if you didn' t then don' t worry, you will surely get a better job and chance again to fix your siblings, parents and some friends (especially childhood friends) for this lady, first go to the landlord and change the name of the house on the rent, do it quick and fast and if you have done anything in her name, make a change of all things and do it fast. As soon as you are done with this name change. Then one good morning, don' t fight nor fuss with her, get a Carpenter change all the locks and drop all her things in front of the gate when she is gone to work. Then if you can change the gate-man do it, if not leave an instruction with the gate-man that she shouldn' t be allowed in , look for one cheap hotel or a buddy' s house and go relax there for a week and then come back a new man. remember to do everything with wisdom and total calmness and next time date a girl from an Average home or above they have more sense than all those ones whose middle name is " Give me" and can' t give anything in return not even a cent. Sorry bro, be wiser and be calm and get back your life. have a great day ahead

~ 6 months ago Ufuoma_ said:
All this macho man attitude
I guess you can only exercise sure behavior in some certain part of the world. So because you rented an apartment for a lady you enjoy every thing in her body without any bride price to her parents, you think you can eat and leave her kichen sink pile up with stinky dirty dishes you use to eat. And expect her to watch it. You are not wise at all. Just look at what your pride and ego have landed you? Spending the money you don' t even have for hospital bills. If you eat and watch your dishes immediately after, your girlfriend won' t ask you to clean kichen. Your problem is pride, big man ego, and lack of compromise. If you can drop those nonsense, you can live happily with any lady out there even if you are homeless.

~ 6 months ago Afzenders said:
Try deleting more naijapal ~ GHsbs MOnkey .St
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~ 6 months ago Afzenders said:
One Mind Gone ~
G.Hsbs MOnkey St.GHsbs
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~ 6 months ago o0OoStGHsbso0OoE1iL said:
_MOnkey _say something nice
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~ 6 months ago o0OoStGHsbso0OoE1iL said:
Waller Heering as M.A.O Ebhabha \/™
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~ 6 months ago o0OoStGHsbso0OoE1iL said:
MAO Ebhabha = mvr mnr . . .
Waller-Heering =claves\excel.profile _4rm_mobile.NP(mnp 1am 21
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~ 6 months ago Winner4life said:
@ Walterk15
You are 90% correct in ur comments but u seems to conclude that dating a lady from the lower class is unprofitable... I understand your plight but no one knows the class that God has destined our special one (wife) to originate from. @ Mr Poster, don' t mind class issue just be prayerful and careful while choosing again. that bitch in the hospital is not ur wife! U lost ur job in order to discover the masquirade that u called your Bae. Goodluck Bro.
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~ 6 months ago djshad said:
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