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I am going to restrict my 15 year old daughter's phone usage to once a week. What is the most effective way to convince her that she doesn't need to use the phone?


~ 6 months ago apprehended said:
Wait they are coming to answer u

~ 6 months ago Ufuoma_ said:
Get them on schedule.
Restricting phone usage to once a week will only led to rebellious. Have their mother print out, specific time for school home-work. Reading/ studying, activities you all can do together as a family, and two hours a day to use phones. After two hours phone usage, take their phones to your room and never let them charged it in their room. Because when you are not supervising them, they will go back to it. Also, Be little strict with the schedule otherwise, they won' t take you serious.

~ 6 months ago djshad said:
parent control
It is not necessary to completely block access to the phone, even though children receive a lot of information from outside. But you can restrict access to game resources. It is enough to make changes to access (parent control) at the device’s MAC address. All the information you can find here. NAIJAPALS

~ 6 months ago AzaMan77 said:
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