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Hi pals. Please I really need your help.
I'm intelligent, handsome (by the Grace of God) etc. But the problem is that I stutter/stammer and find it hard to express myself with words. Even when I know what to say I don't say it because of how I talk. Nobody in my family stammer and it started with me. Most time I feel very depressed and think of committing suicide. I prefer charting or text to voice call.
This has denied me many positions and things. I feel very bad that people laugh at the way I talk (even stammerers too). Most time before I talk the person will know what I want to say. I'm just tired as the list continues.
Please I really need help by any means possible. Any website I can browse through or anything that can help me out of this predicament would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and God bless you


~ 2 months ago apprehended said:
Fine guy, first and foremost if na western world u dey so this na small thing, but if na other side u dey, u know wetin i mean, na seriously big thing bro. Well i suggest u contact a speech pathologist asap, and likewise continue to believe in God for divine intervention. Again not to kid u.. if true true na other side u dey.. i swear no be small matter o. Wish u well. Another correct confess.

~ 2 months ago harrymarcel said:
Dont be sad
Dont be sad about it . It doesnt change anything about you. You are still special. Just keep praying for good things to come. What is yours is dont worry

~ 2 months ago ojblaze74 said:
Prayer will do it
Dont feel depressed, go on your knee and tell God to heal you of it, follow prophet TB Joshua on emmanuel TV , lay hands on the screen as he is praying and by faith you will get healed.
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~ 2 months ago aone4real said:
Accept God and the way u are
U are more than special. You are a very great person. What i feel u should do is get to develop urself on the inside and then the outside will be ao beautiful that ppl will find it hard to ignore u
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~ 2 months ago EDDYPRINCE said:
just believeve in yrsseelf
continue to talk to people ok, even if they laugh dont be discourage with time it w clear good luck
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~ 1 month ago EDDYPRINCE said:
dont look down on your self ok
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~ 1 month ago yincride said:
Same shoes
You can still control yhursef from it........just always be calm to talk.....i mean seriously calm.......hv been in yhur shoes bt wit Gods grace and always ppl hardly notice i stammer unless im very angry
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