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I feel like killing my wife .
I know I have cheated on her several times in the past but I became a changed man and now I caught her cheating on me with another man , did I say man or a little boy of 19 years who still sags his jeans to his ass. I watched a sex tape she made for the boy and I was disgusted.
I can’t shout because if I do they will remind me that I cheated too. How do I quietly leave this miserable marriage without drama , because the marriage is dead to me, I want her to have her freedom and cheat in peace . She is richer than me and her family is very influential so I am being careful .


~ 2 months ago harrymarcel said:
You have to pray about it and also dont forget you once cheated on her.

~ 2 months ago happiness22 said:
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~ 2 months ago preacherstic said:
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~ 2 months ago apprehended said:
Dude ur life has finished hahaha. Thunda go begin strike u soon hahaha. So u never sabi eh.. some women are straight up harlottt, their life depends on it, u can not groom person to sell plantain.. then u give am orange to arrange. Well i suggest u tak am jeje o.. since the jackhass family get lef pass u, dead man lamenting hahaha
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~ 2 months ago adeoye50 said:
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~ 2 months ago ojblaze74 said:
Change Yourself
Young man, dont kill someones daughter because you will be killed too, humble yourself, change from your old ways, be a born again and when she sees you changing, she will be remorseful and turn a new leave also. Good luck bro

~ 2 months ago EDDYPRINCE said:
u cant eat yr cake and have it, frm yr confession you not even d man of d house,, iif u need to leave be bold and tk d step, u have d evidence so scared of her and her family, na she pay yr groom price
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~ 1 month ago EDDYPRINCE said:
yr case is serious,u re even scared to confront your wife for sleeping arround Abomination
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~ 1 week ago Liliya said:
You are still a cheater, you got paid with your own coin. Now you know how it feels to be cheated on. You better work hard both in bed and out of it to make her happy again. You want to leave? Go on. But know if she can attract a 29yr old, she can hook up with another man. Yeye de smell
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