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am 27 years , from Akwa Ibom state base in Lagos. am single and a business lady, i had a boyfriend which i was madly in love whit him and i always thinking we gonna spend our life together but due to some complication we had, we got separated because we had the same blood type,, i was so disappointed , since then i couldn't find my self falling in love again because of the love i had for him back then and i couldn't get him off my mind.
i always try to fall in love again but it was no easy for me ,, have bing single for a year now ,, but finally i saw this cute, gentle, handsome young man here i really like everything about him , and we have been chatting for a while now, he has everything i want in a man, but am afraid to open up to him because he might not have that same feelings towards me, i think his a nice guy but he just see me as a good friend.
we never met in person before, so am afraid because i don't know if he's in any serious relationship or married, he told me he's single, i don't want to fall in love whit someone's husband or someone who is already in love.
but i really do have feelings for him
Please my good friends i need your advice, what should i do?


~ 2 months ago apprehended said:
Firstly, sympathies to ya previous relationship. Sad. Now am listening, wht exactly u won mak we do for u this girl? If ur indeed in love, then chat the guy na, arrange to meet him in a safe public place lik eatery. Mind u sha dnt get ur hopes up o even after u met him, wait for another lik 6months to really get to know him, ensure hes single.. got little cash.. and packing, if u know wht i mean hahaha. U really got my good side today.

~ 2 months ago Blesedboi said:
I advice u take things easy. Don' t just rush n jump into another relationship so u won' t be disappointed. Take ur time to know him n pls try to love again n move on wit ur life

~ 2 months ago Xseed said:
No worries
Well i have taken time to read your mail and i perfectly get what you mean. This our part of the world ladies don' t woo guys but if you don' t mind I' ll like you to take it easy and allow time to reveal things to you,you maybe surprised the guy was having same feelings for you. Good luck

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~ 2 months ago benson4you said:
So sorry
Lady sorry for your previous relationship but you really need to move on with sense. Don' t rush into relationship and give your heart out entirely, please this time around give out 30% and keep 70% to yourself, with time you can now increase it. Mind you charting relationship is not real until you get to know the person physically. In all thread with extreme caution.
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~ 2 months ago EDDYPRINCE said:
just be careful
just tk yr time and be careful,dont rush over him
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~ 2 months ago EDDYPRINCE said:
be careful dont rush
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~ 1 month ago youngchopper said:
Dude you still dey here Longest time
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