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So I'm in a long distance relationship. And we're almost a year together. Recently, my girl has been mentioning an uncle who's her dad's friend. Few weeks ago he requested she comes to work for him for the period of time his assistant will be away. That was two weeks. I was okay with it since she assured me he's a close family friend that is married with kids. After she had worked for him, he gave her a phone and 20k. She didn't tell me these until later when she was about to come see me. Some time later she told me he asked her to go have dinner with him. That was the beginning of my discomfort. Though she told me she didn't go. When she's with me, he keeps calling her but she doesn't pick up. I go to work the whole day and leave her at home so I don't know if she picks later. When I talk about my discomfort she still says he's just a close uncle. Now yesterday she was going to travel but before she did, she called me to let me know and also inform me that the same uncle bought her a bed and cooking gas because she just got admission into the university. She told her dad that I bought them for her and he collected my number. So she was telling me that so I would cover up for her. Her reason was that her dad would think that there's something going on between her and his friend. I have the dad's number so I blocked him so he wouldn't reach me. I then told her I will not accept that because that is disrespectful and she should tell me what exactly is between them. She thinks since I'm her boyfriend I should understand her. But I don't think I trust her with all these. She later told me she returned what he got her but she's disappointed at my reaction. I'm still dumbfounded.
Please, how should I go about this.


~ 2 months ago apprehended said:
Hmm they knocking boots, thts it. Hahaha yes na.. her so called uncle stroking her hard, eating her fresh potato salad and drinking from her beautiful water bottles hahaha. I wish i can slap u thru this computer, goat. By the way she didn' t return nothing, she messing with ya.
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~ 2 months ago EDDYPRINCE said:
apprehended has said it all,you better wake up,nothing like uncle okay

~ 2 months ago Joyamia said:
No long distance relationships
Long distance relationships don' t work and never will so that' s what you get for believeing in it, sorry can' t feel any sympathy for you on this one!
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~ 2 months ago Kennyteey said:
Long distance relationships
Long distance relationships is only meant for committed and those that really love themselves no matter the circumstances

~ 2 months ago timiawesome said:
The Freedom or oppression of our citizen is a reflection of our determination and passion to want freedom and our willingness to fight and resist against oppression. In a nutshell if we want freedom, we Nigerians must go get it, and if we want our oppressor to stop their oppression, we must resist against their powers,
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~ 2 months ago Ecosystem98 said:
how can we get it, how do we begin?
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