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This early Sunday morning a side chick came to my home to fight me, I was wondering what gave her so much guts.
I just heard a bang on the gate, I woke my man up and he asked me to go check so I wore my coat and went to the gate asking who are you, the person was quite so I just opened and she started fighting me, I beat her up before my man rushed out and was asking her to leave before he adds to the beating .
This girl said she is not leaving that she loves him so much and he was the one that asked her to come and fight me, if not how did she get the address.
My man was now saying he did not mean it it was just a joke.
This girl insisted that she won’t leave the house , sat at the gate with 3 boxes .
My man was begging me but I don’t get , I am not really married to him but we are making plans, he said he wants to be with me but he is not yet ready to marry which I understand and will wait but he has engaged me and I am willing to wait forever for him. I don’t know how to handle this girl at the gate, she is irritating me as I see her from my window.
Should I just armrest her and accuse her of stealing or anything. My man is just acting confused but he has asked me to take any action with his permission.
I need quick advice this girl is by our gate and swore not to live until she enters the house and man is a calm man . Please how do a wife handle a side chick who is stubborn.


~ 3 months ago apprehended said:
See lies o hahaha may a thunderous thunda remove ur clothe there including tht ur fake husband and tht fake side chick at the gate plus d invincible gate man, and d dog too, gaot hahahahahaha

~ 3 months ago firefoxer said:
Amen ooo
Apprehended my broda lolllll... See wetin these fake people turn NP to oooo lol

~ 3 months ago abimade1 said:
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~ 3 months ago apprehended said:
Hahahaha @firefoxer
Ma guy.. i throway salute reach u over there shaperly, naijapals has turned to abysmal doom! Omg i hav missed those days o.. wey back back then when naijapals be naijapals LHM lol. Even i hav missed my greatest enemy Shaniq hahahaha. Hope u dey sha.

~ 3 months ago firefoxer said:
I dey ksmpe my brother.. Thing is Dguy need to work on the site as in enable instant chat /messaging in real time ... Should bring guys back ...miss you guys men !

~ 2 months ago Timi95 said:
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~ 2 months ago fiercedivaty said:
Read your confession out loud to yourself
Please tell me how this makes sense to you? " Your Man"
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~ 1 month ago Vixenx said:
And people still accept bs from their significant others. Girl bye
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