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I'm a married woman in Abuja and I have this friend who is also married, we are both in our late twenties and have a child each. We both got married in 2017.

My friend always visits me since I'm currently not working and she works in Government so she has spare time on her hands.

I noticed that unlike before when she visits and stays for a long time, she would just come, make sure her husband speaks with me and leave saying she has to go to work. Unfortunately for her on her last visit, her husband called me by 9pm to ask if she has left my house cos her number wasn't going and she wasn't home.

She left my house by 12pm and so I had to lie and cover up for her, I felt very bad cos I also had to lie to my husband who happens to be friends with her husband.

I called her later on and asked her, then she told me she went to see a friend, when she saw that I wasn't having any of it, she later opened up and told me she is dating a House of Assembly member, and also her husband's business isn't doing so well, and she is the one paying the bills.

I'm shocked and unhappy she has brought me into this, cos now I'm the person she uses to lie, she is my closest friend, we are both new in Abuja and I'm the only one her hubby knows and likes, hence lying with my name.

Please what do I do about this?
Tell my husband I lied?
Isn't it bad enough she is a close friend and doing this?
I hope she reads this cos I am very uncomfortable with this.


~ 4 months ago Vixenx said:
Continue to cover or give an ultimatum
Continue to cover for her , or let her know how you feel. And if she continues to use you then you’re going to have to end the friendship. Tell her that

~ 4 months ago Bentley83 said:
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~ 4 months ago misterjohn said:
Confee Status
If you keep on covering up for your friend you will find yourself wanting to date a house of assembly member too

~ 4 months ago apprehended said:
Goat go and get a life or simply unfriend her hahaha.
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~ 4 months ago apprehended said:
@ bemtley83, dude u are confused.. go get a job hahaha
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