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Something is bothering me a lot and I need some reviews and advice from you and audience
I'm in a very serious relationship for 2 years now, if not perfect but we're both putting on so much effort to be perfect to each other.
My girlfriend ask me to get her undies, which I told her that I never imagined myself going to shop to get female undies and that I never done that before but she insisted and I got not such than to grant her wants.
I went to a shop and got her the undies, which she was very happy about
But later on, one faithful day we're engage in a conversation and she mentioned that am not romantic that I went to the market instead of getting her sexy undies, i got just normal undies, that next time I should try and be romantic and a recent guy, i felt real bad with those word even though she said she was just being a jerk that it's was just a joke, But I still can't stop feeling like it really meant something, I just can't explain how I feeling, please I need some help over this to know if I should not feel the way am feeling now
Thanks I will be in the comment section


~ 4 months ago o0Ooseyomono0Oo said:
FOOL, onemind
StGHsbs. if they find, it was either basket full. Pot own. Zaak to chip, one south a grain. GHsbs
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~ 4 months ago apprehended said:
Nope dnt feel bad ok, its absolutely normal. Whenever any lady tells u tht eh.. ensure u get romantic ones o, case closed. But for me sha, am old school, I can careless wht u call me eh.. u getting granmama panties. However to pull tht off.. u gotta be a funny dude.
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~ 3 months ago AngelMiguel said:
Stop being a big baby
She said it was a joke. Learn from what she is saying and get her something sexy next time. Women have wahala. Just understand that and stop being emotional about it
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~ 3 months ago ask-yourself-y said:
She is just trying to be in charge of you, controlling your abilities, that' s how it starts.You can easily get her sweet things at your convince period
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