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My boyfriend engaged me last night and I said yes and as soon as he slipped the ring into my finger, he said and I quote.
Baby, I will satisfy you for the rest of your life, make you a woman, fuck your brains out and never cheat on you, but the only thing I will not be able to give you is money . I have dated his for 2 years with only good sex and no money, I work hard as a woman and I make money am very comfortable even if not rich and he does nothing , actually he said he hates to work so he just does minor yahoo for fun . He has small change, he has a car not like he is poor but he does not have money . He said we will just do a court marriage nothing loud and live happily. My question is, can sex make me happy for the rest of my life? Since I can provide for my self.
I desperately need advise because we are going to court on Thursday. My parents are late so I don’t have close family or friends.


~ 4 months ago Jodijess said:
This is totes crazy I can' t blive this There are so many men out there who are rich,good in bed and can also make you happy and you are only stuck with the man that is only good in bed Anyways,it' s your choice
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~ 4 months ago MoneyTalkz said:
Don't do it.
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~ 3 months ago AngelMiguel said:
You will outgrow it
My wife and I were discussing this same issue this morning. Sex might look like the most amazing thing now. But I assure you, you will hate your man when you start to outgrow it. You will lose respect for him and you willl find out there are better men than he is. So if you love him, best he dumps that nonsense he is doing and go and hustle or go and learn a business he can start doing. Since he hates working. You will regret it later if you are only after his d**k now.

~ 3 months ago SAmyrocko said:
You better run for your life. He is a dangerous man.
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