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I discovered yesterday that my fiancee had an abortion without telling me. She spent about 3 weeks in my house last year March and on a particular day we had unprotected sex. The following morning, I gave her money to buy Postinor before leaving for work. She bought and took it, in my presence and I did not touch her again before she left my house.

The following month (April 2018), she left for NYSC camp. After camp, she came back the following month, I saw her briefly before she finally left for service. Meanwhile, all this time she was pregnant for me and she never told me. She knows I am strongly against abortion, besides why will I ask a girl I love and planning to marry to abort my baby.

Sometime around June last year, we had issues and she broke up with me. We got back together May this year. I have so many questions right now on my head and sincerely I don't even know how I am feeling right now.

And I am wondering how come she got pregnant even after taking emergency pill (Postinor) ?

And why would a woman abort a baby for a man that is willing to take full responsibility of the pregnancy and even marry her? She claims she wasn't ready to have a baby then.
The most painful part of this whole thing is she hiding it from me because she knows I would never have allowed her to have the abortion.
I don't even know if I want to continue with the marriage plans anymore, because I feel so deceived.’


~ 4 months ago Rosy92 said:
That is not enough reason to leave her, both of you are guilty of fornication, you should deem it fit to accept her, then you both should repent and endeavor to get married soon to prevent such incident from happening again.

~ 4 months ago apprehended said:
Ur dum and stupid, I guess u havnt learned ur lesson here, i mean a very viable lesson. Shes not tht type u bring home to mama, she probably got preggy by another heffin man. U can not bring this orangutan back into ya life, 99.9% she will do worse. Let her loose son. And while ur at it.. pls get a life hahahaha
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~ 3 months ago chiclef79 said:
The red flag is already there. She doesn' t love u, shes going to break ur heart if u don' t let her go now.
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~ 2 months ago donbatho said:
Last warning
i see that your life remain half bar, why can' t you control pencil, now you are telling us trash, repent ooooooooooooo... Don' t even think, go and do the necessary thin and marry her sharp sharp.......
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