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My husband is seriously cheating on me and I have hardcore evidences,I got to know through one page on IG,they guy charged me just 2k and he thought me how to hack my husband WhatsApp.infact the things I read shocked me to the extent I started laughing,as in serious laugh o.
As a Shapiro,I didn’t confront him,I didn’t ask him anything,I played along wella.
There is this guy that has been on my case for two years now,we stay in osapa London lekki ,that’s how I called this guy and started flirting with him, I have officially started cheating and it feels good husband wants to die oo cos my attitude lately is turninoninown ooo,the attitude dey give a.m. headache,I don’t ask him for money,I don’t ask him what’s for breakfast,lunch dinner,the most shocking is that I don’t even bother to spend the money he drops for me and the children’s upkeep .
This my boyfriend likes me wella though We know it’s not love but we are enjoying each other.i am even thinking of going with him to d Maldives this valentine
My husband will never recover by the time I am done with he’s scared monitoring me up and down,asking questions,doesn’t stay out late again,his phone is now open no more password
Life is good


~ 5 months ago apprehended said:
Now can u get lost. Fast!
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~ 5 months ago mirolam said:
Really, is this some kind of Joke!
I usually do not respond to post like this but felt led to. You have safely placed your marriage in the vehicle of the enemy and guess who the driver is? You and your husband have to retrace your steps. There’s no freelance in doing the wrong thing. The devil is seriously drumming and you are dancing vigorously to the beat. Get on your knees and ask God for mercy!

~ 4 months ago vivianknowsbest said:
The way you are going about it is not right at all... I mean there are other ways to punish a cheating man without you going about sleeping with another. Stop what you are doing to yourself right now, and get busy doing something productive that will benefit you and your kid in the long run. As for Your husband, he will come to his senses when he feels that his absence no longer means nothing to you.

~ 4 months ago Edgreatboss said:
And you are happy!
Now you have prepared a table in your home and asked Satan to come and dine. The consequences will be very out!!

~ 1 month ago kinstin77 said:
thankyou for help me
i Am very happy and thankful for what God have done in my life, God Almighty have used Dr oduma to cure and to save me from Hepatitis virus and also to cure my friend from HIV virus with his natural herbs
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