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| just want to know if i am overreacting because i have called off my wedding that is supposed to be coming up this year ,i have done her introduction and she knows i am certainly going to marry her, first off i told her to redeploy to enugu for her NYSC and she agreed , i also gave her money to do her change of name so it would make it easier for her, But i realised that she has been reluctant about it, everytime i ask her if she has done it she is always giving one excuse or the other, and i was getting angry about it, it was her sister that eventually opened up to me and told me that she says she doesn't want her certificate to bear my name that she wants to give the honour to her father because he trained her and this is the same girl that i wanted to even just pay her bride price after the introduction but she said we should wait until after her youth service so we could do both the church and traditional at once, Now my anger is she is going to eventually answer my name so what is the big deal about changing it now, her mother said i am being unreasonable but my parents are saying i should forget her that she can't be submissive in marriage,, i really love her but this her attitude was just a turn off.


~ 4 months ago mirolam said:
Be wise!!
You called off a wedding because a lady you love and intend to marry wants to honor her father in this little way by putting his name on her NYSC certificate. You must be a very proud person. You need to see what the Bible says about pride. First, It’s her father. Secondly, She must love him so much. Thirdly, She must be a very loyal person that tends to appreciate what someone does for her. I believe she’ll do likewise for you if you did the same for her. You will loose something big if you let her go. Why do human beings looks at things in one way. Can’t you see the kind of character she portrays. I’m sure the things you’ve done for her in the past she’s gone above and beyond to appreciate you. This is no issue at all! When you get into marriage and see bigger issues. Is this how you intend dealing with it? So this tiny disagreement, you’ve gone ahead and involved your family. If I see the girl I will tell her to thread carefully with you because that means you are not in sync with her as one. Extended family will also be involved. The Bible says two shall become one. Not many shall become one. Be careful of her sister as well. The way she disclosed things to you is how she’ll disclose yours as well. Not to be trusted! Be wise! Marriage is no joke. It’s a lifetime commitment. Ask the holy spirit to help you make the right decision. It searches the soul and knows all deep secrets! Good luck and wish you all the best!!

~ 4 months ago vivianknowsbest said:
Mr Man
You are just getting angry for nothing. Every girl out there will want their father’s name to be on their first degree most especially if a man is not yet married to her. So, if your girl decides to go for master degree after you have legally married her, then you can authoritatively say that your last name should be on her certificate. For now just respect yourself, your supposed future in-laws and your girl decision and stop making unnecessary trouble.

~ 4 months ago apprehended said:
Dude, stfu hahaha. How I wish I can snatch u thru this monitor and beat tha living daylight out of u. Why tha heck must she change her name before tha marriage. Dude go get a life fast. Ur lucky ur not sitting next to me right now.. wld have put sense in u. Please get lost. She deserve to have her name and family name in tht gawdam Certificate. I sense u dnt truly love her as claimed.

~ 4 months ago Rapido10 said:
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~ 4 months ago hiphopza said:
Calm down dude NAIJAPALS/
no likes

~ 4 months ago Edgreatboss said:
You have read the comments above
There is no big deal at all. Bearing your name is an aftermath of marriage not before marriage. Let her honour her parents my dear. As for your parents that said u should forget her... I fear them ooo. Pls be careful of them not all old age have wisdom . Because other issues would come up later and they may scatter your home!

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