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I met this guy four years ago , we started dating, it was during our relationship I knew we have lived in the same compound before they moved out , foster Mum wasn’t around during those period .
He loves me ,and I love him so much too, the problem is that my foster Mum and my sisters doesn’t like him ...I fought for him in the last three years , telling my family he’s the one I want to spend the rest of life with.. Ps ; I was 21 when I met him , and i was beaten mercilessly by Mum and sisters when he deflowered me , and took me to his house to fight cos he was 28 that year... He was angry at them for beating me like a dog telling .....
They tried their possible best to scatter us and the love has been growing stronger since then , the guy has been a great resting shoulder.
I love this man , but my family insists he’s proud and pompous irrespective of what he said on the day they they took me to his house.


~ 1 week ago apprehended said:
Ur stuck between a rock and a hard one here. Would say look and choose wisely. Its true tht family wins but have seen in few cases tht friends are worth every efforts too.
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~ 4 days ago Edgreatboss said:
Apply wisdom here
You know what you want, go for it. Some family members maybe driven by selfishness and be fighting futile battle in the name of doing so in your interest. When he goes maybe they will marry you. Weigh your balance see if there is wisdom in what they say or mere unfounded reasons
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