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I need your help, I just found out today I have been dating a married man for 6month, p.s he is 32 years, he told me he wasn’t married but has a baby mama who doesn’t stay in Nigeria but apparently she’s lives in Nigeria, and he told me how horrible she was that made them not work out, so I didn’t mind but I found out from his phone he was married. How can someone be this deceitful, how can a man deny is marriage like this, I found out the innocent woman page, I really dnt want him anymore I just feel the need to tell her she’s not wanted by her husband, and this man has 4 exes bfore me so he has been cheating on her with different girls. Should I let it slide or tell the woman about her husband cos this man really denied her and said a lot about her ??


~ 10 months ago apprehended said:
Busy body get lost hahaha

~ 10 months ago Edgreatboss said:
Let it slide
I tell you there is no way the woman wouldn' t have know by now or wouldn' t discover later. Maybe she just decided to keep mute. So for you, no need telling her so as not to be a home breaker.

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