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I like to share my testimony here. I have been Suicidal for several years. But I made up mind to get it done this year in fact this month so I fixed a date with all poisons and substance very ready and prepare but I told God that he got to do something before the date to show he don't want me die that way. I have been fasting and praying before but this few fast and praying before my demise made a difference. The Affliction that resulted this seems to disappear a day to the deadline. I kind hhhmm so God was waiting till I am ready to give it all up and die finally before I am healed? Wow its awesome though am still watching it and have my sniper bottles anywhere I go just in case it shows up again.


~ 10 months ago apprehended said:
Dude if this is a joke.. better stop it. Ur crazy, thts just wht it is, get some help asap. Killing oneself or killing anyone is never the way, please get some help.. talk to ur family and friends. See a doctor NOW!

~ 10 months ago Edgreatboss said:
Funny but serious!
God was never waiting for you to die. Not until you are dissatisfied something' s do not change. It won' t show up again and even if it does, its a trial of your faith keep pressing and winning

~ 10 months ago fatola122 said:
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