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Am a married who has been married for 3 years and seven months. I usually noticed that my wife is always glued to her phone ,so one day I decided to search into her phone without her knowledge...hmmm to my surprise she has been chatting with her friend who is in Germany who is promising her he will send her invites cos he is tired with the white ladies and my wife agrees....honestly since then the trust and love I have for her has left me please I need advise...


~ 10 months ago apprehended said:
Yea confront her, let her know ur sorry but u went thru her dam phone and u found strange things. They are morons.. thts wht they generally do, they always looking for greener pastures by hook or crook. Even after marriage. Never satisfied orangutans. More importantly u need to depart this abominable monkey on ya own terms, asap.
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~ 10 months ago Ecosystem98 said:
guy naw for you o
to say she gree no mean anything...she fit wan milk the guy bcos he go send money for flight and VISA. you should knw the kind of woman u married by now... even if u neva mingle with any woman while you are married. chill bro, for me nothing is wrong yet. Do not confront her please... you are d boss. monitor her closely... i mean closely... Use your head as a man. Dont tell her you went tru ha fone.
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~ 10 months ago Goodman19 said:
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~ 10 months ago Johnsonville said:
Ask her if she loves you NAIJAPALS/

~ 10 months ago AngelMiguel said:
If you tell her you went through her phone, she might lie about her plans and maybe tell you something like she was just playing the guy when truth is she actually wanted to leave. So calm down and keep watching her and check her phone once in a while to stay updated
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~ 10 months ago princegem said:
My oh my
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~ 9 months ago Lexusrider said:
I get it
Check if you very not been giving her attention the way you do. Let her know how much you love her.She started getting attention from her old friend and probably enjoying it.
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~ 9 months ago Allsinglesandmarried said:
Let her know your findings
This is disheartening I must say. I really understand how you feel, it' s a betrayal already or you can call it cheating. If after confronting her and she didn' t apologies for her actions, then move on but don' t be surprise that she will regret and come back to you. Read more of Relationship and Marriage at... NAIJAPALS
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~ 8 months ago peleadeyemi said:
now u know
Just prepare yourself b4 she move away from you because there is nothing you can do to stop her. Pretend like u know nothing and get urself good decision.
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~ 7 months ago johnkeisler said:
Make a decision
make a decision to leave

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