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My son who is 34 years old called to tell me that his wife of 2 years is encouraging him to write his Will. I’ve tried to wrap my head around it. I, his father who is 70 have not written a Will and this young woman is telling my son to. Should I be worried? My wife is already painting scary scenarios that cause us to suspect our daughter-in-law. But she been nothing but good to us. Please reply.


~ 1 week ago apprehended said:
Interesting! Do more investigation.
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~ 1 week ago Allsinglesandmarried said:
Is too early
If you ask me, I would like to investigate her further to know what she' s up to. That' s too early.
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~ 2 days ago adifala50 said:
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~ yesterday at 06:00 PM dasafa said:
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~ 20 hrs ago 3projh said:
will and testament
some people may see it as a warning sign if a spouse starts speaking of monetary issues and death claims. we should be honest with each other. in a family, who runs the household? the wife and the husband run the household. what happens if the father is removed from the situation? the wife and children still have to exist and survive. a will and testament is a way to see how valuable a person is on a material level. this may be true. that will and testament can also save a widow or possible orphans from many difficulties. both the husband and the spouse should be concerned with every moment of their family' s history, present, and future. we should already know that women are the ones who tell the men what is valuable and worth an investment to bring into a house to make it a home. material possessions inside of a house are simply that...material possessions. when it comes time to eat, sleep, and seek shelter husbands and wives should always have open communication about all plans and activities of their family/home.
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