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I have an issue..l am attracted to a guy that claims he loves me and yet doesn't want people to know we are dating.. He happened to be my boss and we were friends bfr he became my boss. I accepted him because l felt it was wise accepting a guy l know than a neutral guy
He hardly calls,, he only calls on weekend for me to come to his house
I know it doesn't make sense we are hiding the relationship cos he said he doesn't want a situation when people will start disrespecting him cos he is dating his staff
Many at times,, l have decided to back off but l just can't.i don't know what is wrong with me and l just cannot give any other person a chance
I really need help


~ 7 months ago 4element said:
You have Issue
You knew him before he became your boss. Your accepted him for reason known unto you. Yes he may want to keep it secret because his position at work, which is o.k. In some company it is not allowed fora boss to date his workers/staff. As he invites you to his house on weekend is a good sign and good intention. It depend on how long have you been dating each other. The most important is if you love him. And as a woman/lady you can know if he loves you as you loved him. Try to talk to him and ask his plan for the relationship. As far as you don`t see another woman in his house. Moreover you said you can`t quit the relationship, then wait until he is ready to take the relationship to another level.
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