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I was jobless for 3 years until I ran to a church which I will not mention the name ,they asked me to fast and pray which I did . They asked me to write my dream job and company,which I did .
Note that I have been writing exams and sending my cv to the company but no response so after I went to the church,2 months later I got a good offer in that company.
My pastor made me promise to give him half of my salary every month which I agreed out of excitement,and then I had no responsibility .
I kept my pledge,for 1 year and 3 months until I got married and my wife got pregnant and responsibilities pailed up .
So I missed 4 months of giving him the money then he started swearing for me .
Every day he will call me and be swearing that if I don't give him his money that I will loose my job and suffer for the rest of my life .
Naijapals, I want to give him the money but responsibility is too much . I have even pleaded with him to reduce it but he said it must be half my salary which he know how much I earn.
Do I call his bluff and move on ! Will is curses work .


~ 2 weeks ago mirolam said:
This must be a joke
Are you joking about giving half of your salary to a pastor. Is that one a pastor. You better go fast and pray out of the hold he has over you. The joke is in you!
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~ 2 weeks ago DJYAOUNDE said:
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~ 2 weeks ago DJYAOUNDE said:
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~ 1 week ago peleadeyemi said:
I think you should look 4 another job or look for money to start business and leave the job for him.
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~ 1 week ago vertical2018 said:
Break the promise
We are fortunate so many times when we have good men of God around us. The other side of the men of doom might be scaring. We are not to judge anyone but it much more advisable that you should break the promise. It is not a sin if you can break it up by praying and fasting unto God for revoking the vow. You have done the best not that someone to rip you for life. You are welcome. There are still many good men of God around us today. Kind Regards
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~ 3 days ago Mattakins123 said:
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~ 2 days ago 4element said:
50/50 salary
Many run to Pastor in time of needs. they are seeking for miracles. If you follow biblical principal. you dont need to run to any Pastor, You can fast and pray on your own and made your petition known unto God, and He will answer you according to His promises. Jesus says, seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all other thing shall be add unto you. You dont need to run to any false pastors. Jesus Christ and His disciples did not collect money for the miracles performed. any pastor who prayed for you and demand for 50% of your monthly salary is a false pastor, and his power is not from God. Beware of false pastors.
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~ 1 hr ago AngelMiguel said:
Wait o
But are you aware, that it is possible that this job you got was totally coincidental? If you have been sending your CV there, it' s possible they were already considering you before you desperately ran to a pastor who then took advantage of it. God does not need pastors to answer your prayers that is the symbolic meaning of the curtain that tore in the temple after Jesus died. Move on with your life nothing will happen to you. This is a fake pastor and there is nothing that will happen to you. Just stay put on the same God who gave you the job
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