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Hello everyone,i seek your advise on this crossroads where I found myself. My Father wants me to quit music,leave my barbing job and come back home and work in a reputable company,marry and have kids. I have been into music for close to 8years now,and Dad thinks I am wasting my time. I am a graduate of Delta State University and Dad wants me to forget about music. What do you guys think I should do? I have made slow but steady progress in my music career and have done collaboration with some A list artiste. Or should I go back home and live the life my Dad wants me to live.


~ 1 month ago walterk15 said:
My little advise
I think you should listen to your dad, you can still do music and work in the big company, did anybody say you can' t? take the opportunity, and redraft your plan, create time to do music after work. Then if you break through you loose nothing and if you don' t you loose nothing because you have your secured job and life. Have a great day brother, God bless your hustle

~ 1 month ago Cahill777 said:
Compassionate Listener
Wow! Quite a conundrum you' ve been challenged with. In my humble opinion, your dad has a terrific idea and proposition for you, but there' s just one little glitch to his proposition...*(he disrespected you greatly by telling you that you' re, " Wasting your time with the music business." ) That' s not what you tell your offspring, especially if they love what they are doing in life. Every child should be " trained in the way that the CHILD should go and not in the way the parents want them to go." As parents, we should be loving and courageous enough to allow that child to pursue his or her dreams, yet, we are to help keep them AIMED in the way that they are sincerely and wisely AIMING in. Now, if the music industry is failing you and you feel it' s time to get out of it, then consult your dad and have a little pow-wow about joining his business and try to find a way to love it just as much as you love music.
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~ 2 weeks ago Vixenx said:
Do what makes you happy. You don’t want to be in a profession where you have to dread waking up to go to.
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