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My husband does not open car door for me .. I miss your platform and I hope you post this , I love growth and very proud to be a member . I want advice please I beg you post for me .
Since I was born no man has ever opened car door for me in my life, I see it in movies but not experienced it before. I have dated o we 7 guys and finally am married and my husband will never open car door for me . Even if I ask he will say don’t I have hands, I feel so bad. I want to be loved and the only thing I ask is to open a car door and make me feel special . The car is my car but we drive it together and I even pay most of our bills yet he won’t pamper me like a woman . The painful part was when he opened the door for my friend when we went to pick her to church and when I asked him he said she was on high heels and carrying a Bible and bag . I want it so bad , I want him to just open the car door for me and make me feel special. It’s not too much to ask how do I make him do it .


~ 1 month ago Cahill777 said:
Compassionate Listener
Well, dear heart, I read your post and my first impression is that you' re using your POWER of CHOICE on the wrong men for you. No woman, period, should have to ask or beg a man to open the car door for them, unless of course, the woman ask him not to or she doesn' t mind him not opening the car door, at all. I do have a question for you, though: DO YOU DISTINCTLY TELL YOUR DATE IN THE BEGINNING DATE THAT YOU' D LOVE IT VERY MUCH IF THEY' D BE CHIVALROUS ENOUGH AND NICE ENOUGH TO OPEN THE CAR DOOR FOR YOU FROM TIME TO TIME? IF NOT THEN, YOU NEED TO CONSIDER JUST NOT ALLOWING THAT TO AFFECT AND EFECT YOUR LOVE FOR YOUR PRESENT HUBBY. HE' S OBVIOUSLY ONLY INTERESTED IN YOUR BODY, IT SEEMS TO ME.
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~ 4 weeks ago herbilist50 said:
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~ 3 weeks ago dafakp said:
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~ 3 weeks ago Fumi009 said:
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~ 3 weeks ago enigmaticnick said:
I read with rapt attention. How well do you regard men and by extension, your husband? you don' t expect to receive what you don' t give. No right thinking man shoul be told what to do. Madam, talk less about you having the car and paying the bills, show him love and work on ur character.Good luck
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~ 2 weeks ago Vixenx said:
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~ 2 weeks ago Apine123 said:
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~ 5 days ago Criz58 said:
Wear high heels and carry a Bible and bag
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